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Updated on March 6, 2012

It, Iran, must pay attention to it.

Iran must think twice, as the United States and Israel made tough statements yesterday and and on Sunday, showing that the two nations stood together in making sure that the Islamic State did not acquire nuclear weapons, now or ever.

The taking out of Iran's nuclear facilities would be very easy; yet, the rational that the U.S. or Israel should go slow on making that decision should not be deemed as a sign of weakness. The act was easy; but the thought was difficult, as the repercussions would affect the whole world's economy, in particular, and its cooperation to resolve issues of the kind that currently involved Iran, in general.

It was not just the U.S. and Israel that were ready to talk some sense into the Iranian leaders; the United Nations Organization was playing a vital role in the discussions behind the scenes, asking them to use their gumption, in response to the situation. Meaning that the problem at hand was global, at least, if not universal.

Iran being part of the Organization should "lend a helping hand" in bringing that problem to a close. It (Iran) should not be the bastard case that it was leading its neighbors to believe. It must be part of the whole, or go its way alone and face the consequences that would follow.

President Barack Obama has been put on the spot for him to declare that Iran would never become a nuclear bomb manufacturing nation on his watch, and if it took military action to get it (Iran) to change course, he would use it. ".... I say all options are on the table, I mean it," he has reiterated in his most recent public speech.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has also made similar remarks, such as, "I will never let my people live in the shadow of annihilation." showing that he was more than willing to take whatever action to protect the State of Israel from any harm, bar none.

As in one accord, they were saying that, if Iran should have a nuclear program, it should be aimed at using it for peaceful purposes, and not for war; or to use it to threaten and endanger the lives of its neighbors.

Both leaders have, and continued to approach the issue with the seriousness it deserved. It would be best for Iran to assume the same mode of conduct; as its own people mattered too, to be considered in their national affairs. To be devoid of the peace of mind and economic stability they sought after, just because the leadership there wished to have a nuclear bomb. Surely, that was not what the people in Iran wanted. Did their country need a nuclear bomb? The answer should be a resounding "NO".

Just as they did not want to live in fear, so did other nations, especially, Iran's neighbor, Israel. Therefore, no matter how the political atmosphere looked like in Iran, its people themselves should come out in droves to show their public outcry against the actions of their government, so as to prevent an event that could destroy them; an attack on their country to stop it from making a bomb would be nothing less than devastating.

In this day and age, what affected one nation affected many nations, if not the whole world; and it would be insane on the part of Iran to engulf their neighbors and the world in a nuclear confrontation. Iran itself could not afford it; and so could not the rest of the world.

The thought coming out from between Obama and Netanyahu at their meeting in the White House yesterday was one and united; and it was as clear as the sound of a bell; and it was now for Iran to listen and hear it.

It was for Iran to take the kernel of common sense in it, and acted in accordance with that thought.

In other words, Iran must take heed.

It was the hope that it (Iran) would do so; and there would be peace on earth for all concerned.


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