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Updated on December 29, 2011

Believing in the rule of law.

What is going on in Iowa may seem trivial to places like Syria, Iran and North Korea, where the light of liberty seems to fail to shine.

They are dictatorships, and the systems in these countries may have different backgrounds, the basis of government is the same, that the people's participation in the affairs of these nations is not necessary.

They are ruled by military force or authority being behind what is physically and politically going on on the surface, and the slightest upheaval of dissatisfied citizens is swiftly crushed and annihilated.

In Syria, as we speak, President Bashar al-Assad is killing his own people to stay in power. At least 2000 Syrians have died since the uprising there. His power has been a handover from his father, who has used brutality to govern that country; and so, it is a typical case of "like father, like son."

On the other side of the world, a similar and modern situation of a son inheriting a father is in process; and the people have to follow orders, like sheep ready for slaughter. It seems ridiculous to see thousands of citizens shedding crocodile tears in honor of a dead dictator. The son, who is inexperienced from all angles, socially and/or politically, is being declared "The Supreme Leader".

Iran has the Ayatollahs wielding true political power, in addition to the autonomous religious and traditional audacity to run roughshod over the people in that country. They (Ayatollahs) are threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz, the passageway for a sixth of the world's oil supply, just to annoy and provoke (you guessed it right) the United States.

In all those countries, everything is done, or every action is taken, without the people's consent, because of the dictatorial systems, which are in operation there.

On the other hand, in America, there are freedoms of all variations under the U.S. Constitution, with a Congress, whose members are all elected by the people to legislate the laws that govern the country. Also, a candidate running for president has to go through the process of political campaigns and be elected via the ballot box.

Meaning that the electorate, or "the people", have a vital role and the foremost responsibility to choose a leader. They are free to express their views, and the candidates running for office are to take these views seriously. The people must be listened to, as they are the ones, who possess the ultimate power.

Unlike the other unfortunate aforementioned countries, the freedoms that Americans are entitled to form the basis of a democratic system; which is a government "of the people by the people for the people."

The noisy gatherings in Iowa are referred to as "the caucuses", but they mean more than just being noisy; they mean freedom for the people to choose.

Nothing more can be fairer than that to any people, to have a hand in choosing a leader.

BRAVO, America.


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