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Updated on December 16, 2011


The new millenium arrived and began the journey to the next as the World seemed to expect it to perform miracles for all. Of course it was a failed concept from the start as the human condition demands that any forward progress is at least matched by regresssion in other areas. The new age , as all others would bring in new innovations and demands but to date, at any rate there is precious little to show that the pendelum of human responsibility has yet reached the extreme that it must before it begins to return to a more central position. Worldwide it seems that, in the words of the song, "WE WANT IT ALL AND WE WANT IT NOW". From purile individual selfishness to revolting against Dictators or protesting against Democratically elected Government, the scenarios remain as constant as they have for decades and will surely not alter, just intensify, as the years tick on, unless or until, a natural or man made catastrophe, halts things with great, if not terminal abruptness.

World events in the first 11 years have not been totally earth shattering but certainly not those to rejoice in. War zones in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere have , as ever caused may casulties whilst achieving little to the objective watcher. As before, these conflicts underline the total futility of war, especially in a modern world where "rules" that never previously existed over the centuries, deny the use of the ultimate weapon of the time. I do not advocate Nuclear War but simply use it to hightlight the futility of what Democratic leaders do when dashing headlong into the sort of conflicts we have seen over recent times. Whilst this continues, so will Terrorism, the scourge of the end of the 20 th Century, continue into this age.

Dictators and Terrorist leaders have been ousted in the personages of Hussein, Gaddafi ansd Bin Laden, to name the three most notorious. Less menacing, Mubarak of Egypt fell in 2011 alongside leaders in Tunisia and Algeria in the Arab Spring. Having spent 6 weeks in Egypt recently, I see no change as yet, in the lives of citizens, especially the very poor. Time will have to tell.

Politically in the UK, the decade plus one was that of the BBC. That is to say BLAIR became BROWN, became CAMERON."A plague on all their houses", the country seems to say, but then most of America seems now not view with great enthusiasm, the change, historic though it is from BUSH to OBAMA {seems as if Americans have political B O.} Maybe these scenarios demonstate only that Democracy is the most inefficient form of Government, but survives because the alternatives as so abhorant. Thus, though they are futile efforts, people will go on protesting as they did in London in 2003 in peace protests and now in 2011 against Capitalism both here and in the USA. As they protest the problems of Energy, Banking and the World and Eurozone problems escalate with political leaders in all parts beening highlighted as inept.

The planet itself seems to be protesting, with Earthquakes ,Hurricanes,Floods, Fires and Volcanic Eruptions seemingly increasing in numbers, intensity and effects on the human race .Maybe someone is trying to tell us all something! However, there is not a lot of listening going on. The "chewing gum for the masses" in the first decade has escalated in numbers and futility in direct proportion as previously unknown dlights such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, ebay, Facebook and Twitter ect, seem to consume all and sundry. As with everything, the plus side also has to have a downside and the Internet, that has revolutionised communications and many other aspects of life over the past 15 years or so, storms on, apparently unstoppable.

Despite this 2011 sees the UK at the start of my 8th Decade in as pretty a pickle as ever was. The key elements of UNEMPLOYMENT and OBESITY characterise the Brits, though they are not alone in the world in this. Even so, the time of reckoning must come, for with less working and more clamouring for benefits, it is hard to see an optimistic future. The young, gifted and driven amongst our young face a real problem in their maturity in dealing with the problems created over the 20th Century and which are, to my mind, coming home to roost in the 21st. Not the most encouraging end to this series is it?


The first Decade of the 21st Century, saw me on an individual front, striking out at the age of 60 on a new course.Iformed JWA ASSOCIATES and for the next 10 years became what is called "an expert consultant" in the field of media communications. As with many things, the initial concept I had was altered by events and through chance entirely, most of my work centred on consultacy short term work for local Councils with a 60 mile radius of my office. It was totally different to anything I had done previously and thus, I was enthralled in getting it right. Thanks to my Educational background, I also became instrumental in training others in the field and thoroughly enjoyed this late but certainly beneficial change in occupation.Had it not been for the diagnosis of Cancer in 2010, I would still be at it today for sure

Family affairs blossomed. My elder son, David married again and then set up his own online Sports Retail business in 2007. Today, despite ups and downs that most fledgling busineeses experience, the businee is well established and expanding with customers worldwide. You can check it out at He and wife Laurie, now await an addition to their famliy ranks in July 2012. Son Number 2, Christopher also enjoyed a storming decade, bringing us daughter 3 {Mollie] and winning many trophies as captain of Sussex CCC before hanging up his bat and becoming Cricket Manager at Surrey CCC. Here he has resetablished the fortunes of a once great club and last season saw them win the 40 over Cup and gain promotion in the County Championship. Not to be outdone, my step son Ryan graduated in 2001, on the day the World Trade Center was attacked and after some time spent in the Commercial world, qualified as a Teacher. He also married long term girl friend Jo in 2009 and they are expecting an addition in early 2012 He has had a very successful start to his teaching career and is now undertaking a challenging post in his second school.I am delighted by all three of the boys but nothing pleased me more than the efforts they have made for others..

IN SPRING 2011, RYAN COMPLETED HIS SECOND LONDON MARATHON AND IN OCTOBER, DAVID AND CHRIS RODE 868 MILES ROUND ALL ENGLISH AND WELSH COUNTY CRICKET CLUBS. All 3 raised monies for LEUKAEMIA AND LYMPHOMA RESEARCH . Those who have read my Hubs on the course of my Cancer will know what excellent work that Charity has done and continues to do to help people like me diagnosed with this debilitating disease and especially the work they do for young children and their families in this area.That the three boys put themselves out and under pressure to do what they did is a source of great pride to me.

However, I could not end this personal element without paying due credit to my partner since 1985 and wife since 1990, Sandra. We have a pretty amazing relationship which has stood the test of time. My wife is a Domestic Goddess and I am not the equivalent in male terms to say the least! This makes for conflict and my wife will admit that she is not easy to live with at times. However as I am 10 times worse, things work out. Sandra has always looked after me royally, but during the difficult months of Chemo Treatment in 2010, became not only a wife but a full on nurse.I am sure that her contribution alongside the treatment received from an excellent Hospital team ,enabled me to reach the Remission I am at today and feeling fully fit and strong. We have, as the cliche says, taken things day by day and are always wary of what may be around the next corner but together we have a confidence built on a firm base, after all 26 years is a reasonable apprenticeship for us both. We enjoy our homes here, in Turkey and Egypt, all purchased at an economical rate and which provide us with a yearly cycle that precludes boredom which I truly believe is a sinister killer for those of advancing years.



At the same time, all that is needed for evil to prosper is for good people to standby and do nothing! Thus the conundrum that faced leaders in 1939 to 1945 never changes and no doubt will be the same when my grandchildren reach my age. The English Disease, as it has been described sibce the Football Hooligans of the 1970"s caused havoc, continues now, but in the High Streets and other venues. I doubt it will ever change, certainly not whilst we so palpably lack leadership from our Politicians. However, maybe it was ever thus, for clearly past leaders throughout the ages have been flawed and found wanting. Even Churchill was essentially a failing politician till the hour came for which he was the man, only at the point of triumph to so let down members of the Armed Forces that they voiced their fury at the Ballot Box and rejected him.Theirin lies the dilemma, for the British are essentially a reactive not proactive force, save for special interest groups. It matters not what is proposed here, a group will emerge to oppose it. Not that they will have a viable alternative of course that would mean they would have to be proactive and that is too difficult by far.

So, do I end as a pessimist?. Far from it. The pendelum, as ever will reach the end of the continum and then return past the cente and beyond. Who knows Victorian values may return, though I doubt it. The English, given new blood fronm time to time by invaders, in this age bearing not swords or guns but E U Passports, have survived for centuries and will do so enen when Good King Will and Queen Kate are history!

If you have been, thank you for reading. My Hubs will continue but with different topics, beginning with my observations direct from Egypt on the Middle, or is it Muddled East.


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