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Updated on March 16, 2012

Make up your own mind. Don't allow politicians to do that for you.

Former Senator Santorum, a candidate in the Republican Party nomination race, was advocating that the English language should be a requisite for the Island of Puerto Rico, if and when it became a state, in conjunction to the United States.

The people there were wholly divided between the Island retaining its separate identity, even though it would be part of the union, but what would make that possible was for them to have their own language.

What would be the point in becoming a state then?

The United States has had its Constitution based on the English language for more than 200 years, and therefore, though that language has not been declared as the only one in the nation or that it was "official", all judiciary and economic undertakings were promulgated or conducted in English.

All the 50 states, comprising of the union, were in sympathy with using the same medium of expression in all their state constitutions and in the maintenance of doing business; and that (medium) was the English language.

If Puerto Rico would want to be part of the union, it should be able to adopt the common language of the union.

It was like going to Mexico and insisting that whatever transaction one was involved in must be not be done in Spanish. That would be impossible; and one would be forced to run and leave one's shoes behind. Why? Because the medium (of expression) in that country happened to be Spanish.

The other candidates in the Republican race, like Romney, would want to use that as an issue to gain political support on the Island; but the Islanders should see through their rhetoric and decipher the truth for themselves; that there was no way to be part of the U.S. and carried on with a different language.

For example, what language would the governor of Puerto Rico use in addressing the Conference of U.S. governors? Or would he need a translator when visiting other states?

The whole language issue seemed nonsensical, as every person, who would want to be called an American, should be able to speak and/ or understand the English language.

Besides, the U.S. was (and still is) an English speaking country; and therefore, if the Island of Puerto Rico would want to join it, it must be able to adapt its language just as well.

It (Island) could retain its rich culture, and have the convenience to speak the native tongue, whenever that was necessary, but to avoid using the English language and be part of the U.S. at the same time, would not be acceptable. In fact it would be an unwelcome idea to the rest of the nation.

Hawaii has its dialects, and the people there were free to use them, but they were in sync with the mainland of the U.S., when it came to the use of English as its (Hawaii's) main language. Puerto Rico should not be any different.

Imagine going to Alaska and finding the people there speaking French and calling themselves U.S. citizens. What a confusion that would create.

So, this HUB would digress, and would want to agree with Santorum that his strategy to convince Puerto Ricans to embrace the English language was advisable, as well as a reasonable one, if they would want to call themselves as true Americans.

They would be enormously proud to join the greatest union that was ever formed on earth.


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