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Updated on May 18, 2012

That are what people must be looking for.

The many slides and pictures of the injuries that George Zimmerman suffered during the night that he murdered Trayvon Martin, made nauseating feelings to numb the hearts and minds of people, who tend to know a true story when they were presented with one.

Whether the purpose is for garnering empathy for Zimmerman, and saying that his version of what has happened on the night of Feb. 26, 2012, is true and factual, or to infuriate the family of Trayvon Martin, who think that the young boy has been killed by somebody, because of his race.

Either perception will not douse the furnace that the Martin murder has ignited in American society, more than the assumption that anyone can pick up a gun and shoot to kill someone else, just for the sake of it; and if so, then who is safe in walking the streets, even in a quiet neighborhood?

Though, Zimmerman's story has a gaping hole in it, that he was walking back to his car, when he was attacked by Martin from behind. That in every sense could be translated into the fact that he was the one being pursued; but how could that be, when he had just told a police dispatcher that he had a suspicious person in his sights.

The dispatcher even warned him to stop chasing after the subject, but Zimmerman continued with his stalking of Martin. He might have had a mental disconnection at one point that he never walked back to his car until the fight in which he killed Martin was over.

How on earth could he be attacked by Martin out of nowhere? There has not been any mention of him being violent in his behavior. He would not jump a person he did not know, just because he has had a few puffs on a marijuana cigarette.

The police report did not have any injuries initially, and if so, why not, when Zimmerman had told them that he has been thrown on the sidewalk and has had his head pounded on the curb several times by Martin.

Such bodily harm should come first in the report, with pictures and all; but it took some days before the horrible cuts and blood on Zimmerman was shown to the public. Are we being conned here with fake injuries after the fact? No one was doubting the Sanford police of how they have handled their duties or accusing its members of any kind of negligence; but in hindsight, so much have been taken for granted on the night of Martin's murder.

The official toxicology test said that Martin had traces of Marijuana in his blood; however, that could have been there many days after using the drug; and so it should not prove that he (Martin) was under the influence of drugs.

The case is still in the hands of the authorities of the Florida Court system; and the prosecution would rebut the shady evidence that the defense was presenting to indicate that Zimmerman was in such danger of losing his life that he had to kill Martin in self defense.

This surely was not the case of someone being innocent until proven guilty; for it smacked of someone extricating himself from the guilt of gunning down an unarmed youth, who was not doing anything wrong, but was on his way home to his family.

The pictures to numb the minds of people is a ploy to get them to jump to the conclusion that the "stand your ground" stipulation law is applicable in this instance, and that Zimmerman must be given the benefit of the doubt.

That law will not apply here, because from every angle, it has been established that Zimmerman has started the chase that has led to a confrontation with Martin. His own voice has proved that in his conversation with the dispatcher, as his tone has not been normal, but aggressive, when pushing to assail Martin.

Besides, by some coincidence, all Zimmerman's victims have been black or African American. If that does not portray his mindset, then nothing will.

Safely, he is on trial for second degree murder, and therefore, let us wait and see how the courts deal with him, rather than showing make-up or mock-up pictures of blood and cuts that even the police have failed to take notice of on the crime scene.

The whole Martin / Zimmerman saga is bizarre, but don't let us jump to conclusions based on slides and pictures, rather than on the facts of the matter as they emerge from the investigations of the prosecution and other authorities handling the case.


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    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 5 years ago from America

      You say don't jump to conclusions, yet you have presumed Zimmerman guilty by saying things like this young boy would not have jumped someone he didn't know! Read my hub on Trayvon for more.

      Yesterday police records were let out showing cuts on Trayvons hands and knuckles. Trayvon had been suspended 3 times this year and this last time was for having a baggy with pot residue in it. He got tattoos when he was 15 and his parents had him in a gold mouth grill. I have a pic of Trayvon flipping off the world on the net in my hub. Yesterday they also said the gun shot was probably within 18 inches of Trayvon. Indicating Zimmerman fired on Trayvon while getting the crap beat out of him. Also new 911 tapes from a caller indicate Zimmerman was the one screaming for help. Trayvon was a gangster wannabe and got what he was going to get either then or in the near future............Zimmerman was watching his neighborhood that had been burgalized several times. He would not leave his home thinking I'm going to kill someone today. Notice you didn't put that in your hub.