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Updated on June 29, 2012

It has never been that obvious.

The little picture of the United States Supreme Court justices on the front page of, (6/29/12), with the caption; "Opinion: Proud day for bipartisanship", says it all.

It shows the Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., who has played the leading role in yesterday's momentous decision of the court to uphold the Affordable Health Act, which has been signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2010; and the other justices in their resplendent robes surrounding him.

It demonstrates a united court with a strong leadership that the nation is blessed to have and admire, and be reverent of; for the court of Chief Justice John Roberts, in all sincerity, is a rare and special one indeed.

It has been able to handle itself with great respect and dignity befitting its leader to decide on a very controversial law that has put the whole nation asunder, and it (court) has come out with flying colors; and thus making all Americans very proud of Chief Justice Roberts himself and of his court members. The whole country owes him and the court a debt of gratitude.

Though, the leadership of the Republican Party and its rank and file did not agree with the outcome of the court's ruling, because they favored the overturn of the Affordable Health Act as being unconstitutional, the acceptance of that ruling by the rest of the nation was overwhelming.

In other words, ordinary people welcomed the news of the court's final opinion with open arms; showing that they had great respect, particularly for Chief Justice Roberts himself, and for his court, for being able to focus on a justifiable cause rather than on political persuasion to reach a conclusion in the matter.

The decision was a onerous undertaking in itself, as the court was a medley of conservatives and liberals; but at the same time, it has some members, who would size up a case on its merits than on any other considerations, to bring about true judgment and satisfaction.

The constitutionality of the Affordable Health Act was such a case; and the Chief Justice siding with the majority justices of 5 to 4, made it clear of the court's responsibility of fairness in its deliberations, with very little or no political bias involvement, to become obvious as a result.

As the ultimate adjudicator of the nation's legal problems it (court) was able to accomplish an extraordinary feat; and that made a majority of the country happy.

Therefore, all Americans should join in saying a big THANK YOU to the Supreme Court for a job well done.


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