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Updated on June 10, 2015




And one more time, the Constitution has been violated and twisted to be convenient for a just a few. Once again, Americans have to “swallow” whatever Congress wants to give us, no matter what. I am not a politician, and to be honest, I have never liked politics. For me, my country is the same one my parents taught me how to love, since I was a little girl. The same America I taught my kids to love and respect. However, trying to keep that respect, is becoming more and more difficult every year.

My 5 year old asked me the other day, why we couldn't get her the school shirt for the up and coming game (about $20.00) and I tried to explained to her, that I was not getting paid. Then she turned around and opening her big eyes she asked: “Why?! What did you do mommy? Are they mad at you?”

I am one more Federal employee on furlough these days, one more single parent trying to square around my already tight budget, not knowing when I will be able to provide for my family again. There is obviously no freedom of speech anymore, so I am not going to be explicit. I guess the woman who was just shot at the Capitol for voicing her opinion, should be a vivid example of this. They never revealed if she was armed or not. Go figure!

It is hard to remember when I last felt happy living in the US. The unemployment, the unnecessarily blood-soaked wars, the skyrocketing taxes, and everything targeting the middle class of this country has lead me to believe, that whoever we elected (and I'm not talking about the President specifically) are not doing their job. So far, they have swamped us under their own interests, and every effort to get better, seems futile.

25 years ago, I would have never imagined being sent home with no pay, just because of the empty-headed lawmakers inability to agree on something. Nevertheless, that they were going to punish American families because they couldn't compromise, on something which already became a law: Affordable care.

America has changed, indeed, it is not my America anymore, or your America, it is “their” America. For the people and by the people has seemd to be wiped from our constitution. Despite the catastrophic consequences of this irrational government shutdown, in the middle of eighteenth unecessary crisis, lawmakers are still debating over a discrepancy. Just like a little child throwing a histrionic fit because they can not get their way. Unbelievable!

Our founding fathers, and all the other patriotic heroes who fought for our freedom in the past, would be outraged with the so called "representatives" that are choking our nation's people to death.

It seems to be, that all the previous shutdowns from 1976 to 1996 have always occurred when the Republican party was the dominant party. The reasons? After reading a lot about this, it would seem that there was always a “hidden” reason behind the shutdowns. Someone always got away with something, which only benefitted the few. For example, The shutdown of October 1979 didn't end until Congress was granted a 5.5% increase in their pay, and only then the abortion law, which caused other shutdowns in 1977 and 1978, was finally signed after the pay increase for Congress was granted. “The House got its pay increases but had to allow abortion funding in cases of rape or incest (but not when the mother's health, rather than life, was in danger). The latter was a slight tightening of the previous year's Medicaid abortion compromise”.

Watch your lawmakers closely, do your own research on who's interests are best for you, and you will find out why so many disputes are so difficult to be resolved. It is because they are fighting for their own pockets, not ours. They couldn't care less if American people have enough money to pay their bills. These are the same lawmakers who will determine the late fees, and credit scores to grant loans, or to refinance mortgages. The middle class of this country is being whipped like a slave, one lash after the other, and no one can even protest?

We have become a tyrannical republic. “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent,” -Thomas Jefferson. Isn't this what they are doing every time someone tries to complain? What makes us better than those countries where they kill their own people?

In this case, the middle class is being choked out slowly, this is the definition of social genocide.

While this “debate” goes on, more than 800,000 thousand families are struggling to survive, not knowing what will happen next, and when their food will be back in their pantries and refrigerators.

I was at one of the offices of Work Source, applying for unemployment for the first time in my life. It's a weird feeling, when you walk in, and having to explain to the receptionist, that you are technically employed, but not being paid. I guess it is a good thing that there are thousands of people in my same situation, otherwise they would have just sent me home, saying I did not qualify.

I have never requested any help from the State or the Government, but I guess the fact that I have paid taxes all my life, entitles me to this benefit. Why not? Illegal immigrants have already soaked up the right to welfare in this country.


So far I know at least tem people will suffer the effect of this shutdown because I have been deprived of my salary, the coffee shop in my building closed its doors due to the lack of customers; the lady who takes care of my son while I work won't get paid; all my creditors will have to wait for my payment; I won't be able to help my parents with money right now; the gym I go to won't get paid either; the gas station where I fill out my tank at every week, is going to lose my business; the grocery store will get just the absolutely necessary spending from me; the cleaning people in my building, were told to stop cleaning, until further notice; the dry cleaners, and a couple of charities I contribute to (Veterans and St Jude hospital) will be affected too, because I'm not getting paid.

Congress is exempt from furlough, meaning this debate can take as long as they want..they are still getting paid.

The sad part about this, is how quickly American people forget. Whenever we all go back to work, this shutdown will be commented for a while and then, they will determined that it was the “best thing to do for the country”. The ones affected by it, will feel better whenever they start feeling money again in their pockets, and gradually this shutdown will be in the back of our memory..until the next one?

When you want to get rid of weeds in your yard, you know better than just to cut them, because they will just grow back, the same way America needs to restructure Congress. We need common people in the Government, who have struggled to survive in the middle class, who know what is needed to get the country out of this crisis. Career politicians, have continuously proved to go by the book, and only if it is convenient for them. Why not give the power to an average American? Who better to govern this country, than someone who knows what is like to live financial straitened all the time?

We are in this situation because we voted these men into Congress, there is no one else is to blame for this chaos, but us. So next time you vote, don't get impressed by promising words, instead check backgrounds, do your research on each candidate for Congress, and see if there is any other interests involved, rather than “Governing the American people”. Check if they really understand what that means.

Someone who really cares for the people they govern, does not debate on something that is already a law, knowing that there are Americans out there not getting paid, because of their disagreements. It is just not fair!

Taking this last shutdown lightly, would be like crossing the road with our eyes shut. This last bitter experience, will only be useful, if we all learn from it. We need to keep our eyes wide open when it is about congressional debates, because chances are that somewhere in that decision, will be some kind of hidden benefits for the few. Wake up America!


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    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

      A great read and thank you do very much for sharing. Here's to so many more hubs for us both to share on here. Have a great weekend.