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Updated on September 6, 2011

Isn't what we all want?

All eyes are fixed on President Barack Obama, and what he is going to say in his address to the joint session of the U.S. Congress and the whole nation next Thursday.

People are hoping that his plan will be a good one that will help all sections of society. It will be a working plan that is designed to pull back the country's economy from the brink of disaster, as the case may be.

Unemployment is bursting at its seams, and making life miserable for millions of Americans. August job report of 0% has not helped any, as the national jobless rate is still too high, at 9.1%. No news is good news; but bad news dampens everybody's enthusiamsm for life.

The unemployment rate in the African American community is even worse, at 16% for adults and 40% for youths and adolescents. So, they are praying that the government's plan will not focus on short-term programs only; but will include the private sector and encourage it to hire minorities.

The economy is in such a bad state; it is in a ditch, and it needs everyone's help to put it back on track. Private companies, big and small, must come to its aid and begin to hire more workers; or things will go from bad to worse for almost all citizens.

The Congressional Republican Party opposition must do all it can to ease the tension on Capitol Hill, and allow the passage of any bills the Obama administration is introducing, with respect to job creation, to go through both Chambers of Congress, to alleviate the chronic malaise of unemployment that is sqeezing the life out of the country's limp economy.

They (Congressmen and women) owe it to the nation to do the right thing, by showing cooperation in whatever way they see fit, for the Obama administration to be operational in getting the economy to be more productive again.

In other words, they will be doing so in the interest of all the people of this great nation.

Without their input, the government's hands are tied; and only a few jobs can be made available to the millions of people who are out of work, as many cannot survive without one.

We all know that Congress has become dysfuctional from the many disagreements that seem to exist, due to party politics. Members are failing to carry out the responsibility, which they are expected to perform on behalf of the voters. They have been elected to resolve the problems that are plaguing American communities; and they must not forget those, who have voted for them.

Though, the nation is in debt, owing to circumstances beyond its control. For example, it has to be involved in two wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan, to keep terrorists away; and the cost of maintaining vigilance on those who will want to harm America, has become enormous.

The government has to deal with natural disasters as well; hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. It has to take good care of the nation's infrastructure, and also the environment, for citizens to have clean water and breathe unpolluted air.

The survival of all depends on how America manages its own affairs, with the kinds of methods that are efficient; and the backing of a strong and viabrant economy is essential to maintain a high standard of living for the people.

That is the American way; and we all have to pitch in, in order to retain its greatness; something, which is the envy of the whole world.


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    • moonlake profile image


      7 years ago from America

      No I won't be watching I don't care anymore. More of the same. All we can do now is help ourselves the best that we can because we're not going to get help from any place else.

      Good hub.


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