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Updated on August 28, 2014

No boots on the ground.

The ISIS travail that is going on in the Middle East now, is a long time coming. It has its roots in the acknowledgement that the Western world, particularly, has taken Christianity for granted.

It is from the notion of separation of Church and State, which has become the foundation of modern civilization, and making the Bible redundant.The ISSL ideology, which is the opposite, engages the Mosque as the center of religious law, and therefore, there is no separation of any kind between the Mosque and State.

In other words, to them there is none, but religious law.These are fundamental laws in the Holy Koran, the Islamic "Bible", that society in general must obey; and if that is not done, then there are consequences as fallout.

The Holy Bible, which is a blueprint for how life must be lived also has almost the same rules and laws that are to be followed. Otherwise, calling oneself a Christian is a nonentity.

Yet, Western society has practically discarded these laws and rules, on the assumption that they limit freedom of thought and intellect.

In fact, the laws in the Holy Koran are copycats of those in the Holy Bible, in as much as it (Bible) is a precursor of the Koran.However, most so called Christians have overlooked those laws and rules to the point of allowing Atheists and non-believers to infiltrate Christian institutions, through the education system, with their own notions of how to lead life.

To those people, there is actually no need of a religious life, and thus making the Holy Bible to become "homeless", so to speak.

Freedom or liberty has been tarnished so much so that promiscuity has become common place. Mediocrity has formed the basis of everyday living, and has fanned its way into every human activity, to the extent that there is no grey area between good and evil.

Some Churches preach anything but the Word of God; that all must be inclusive, from the point of view that Jesus, the Son of God, has been sacrificed for the sins of mankind, and that all has been forgiven, owing to the fact that "God is love".

That might be true, but to forgo the laws in the Holy Bible must be deemed sacrilegious on the part of those Christians.

Many Americans, and especially, the political right in the country are urging President Obama to put troops on the ground in Iraq to stop the rampage by ISIS, but that would open up a wholesale slaughter of thousands of people, though, militants; but that would make the U.S. to look more savagery than they.

He has ordered military airstrikes against their moves, to slow them down, because the issue was more ideological, and it would take some time to realistically halt or defeat them.

If there should be a turning point for Christians to review the laws in the Holy Bible, the right moment would be now. The "Anything goes" idea must be relieved from the minds of true Christians, and the Holy Bible to be taken for what it stood; as containing guidelines for a fruitful life.

That would be the only way to turn things around and to make the world a better place.



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    • profile image

      Emmanuel Bandoh 

      4 years ago

      I couldn't quote you chapters and verses, but the Holy Bible has a predictions for Christians to obey the commandments of God, or else there would come a time, when marauders like ISIS would become their menaces.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Are you saying that if Christians stuck to fundamentals more we would not have the problem with ISIS?


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