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Updated on August 21, 2012

What must be the best approach for them?

The campaign trail is wobbling with this issue and that issue, such as Medicare and Welfare plans by both parties. They (issues) all tend to be important; but considering those two (Medicare and Welfare), they are closer to many people's lives than any other.

On the Welfare front, it is a fact that some minor changes are being made, with President Barack Obama saying that the "work" portion of it (Welfare) is intact, as participants will earn their pay by doing communal assignments.

The argument by Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican Party candidate in the 2012 presidential election, is that the Obama administration is making it easy for people to go on the program, as the Clinton version is being altered and made work participation unnecessary by recipients.

"On July 12, President Obama quietly ended the work requirement, gutting welfare reform," the ad says. "One of the most respected newspapers in America called it 'nuts.'", says an advertisement by Mitt Romney. (, 8/21/12).

In fact, the only policy change by Obama is that menial work alone is a "one size fits all" idea, but some people may have above average qualifications to do other things, and therefore the States must widen the scope of "work" categories to include lines to fit some of those, who by no fault of theirs are in the program, and for the sake of necessity, are forced to take what they are more qualified for.

With Medicare, Mitt Romney tends to go with the Ryan plan that deals with vouchers for seniors to cover their health care needs. Ryan is Romney's running mate on the Republican ticket, and he (Ryan) says that he has a new plan, but nobody has yet seen it.

However, the assumption is that it will only be a shade off the original plan, and that will totally change Medicare as it is presently implemented, especially with the voucher system being introduced to patients in it (plan).

Seniors will pay an excess of $6000 dollars or more; thus, that will be "out of pocket" payment over what they are paying at present. That will be too expensive for many people, who live on fixed incomes.

The Obama administration will retain Medicare in its entirety, with "no extras" for services. To do so will be to save on medical equipment purchased for use by seniors, and also to monitor doctors' fees and other costs that only add waste to the program.

What is needed for both programs will be better administrative and management organizational systems, with more qualified personnel to handle them and make them more efficient.

The "ads" that are being put out by both the Democratic and Republican camps are designed to attract voters; but to get a good understanding of any of them (ads) is to get more information as how the two different plans work.

Entitlement programs, such as Medicare and Welfare, are not the favorites of many politicians. Some (politicians) will prefer to do away with them entirely, as they burden the tax payer and maximize Federal government spending.

Yet, for the poor and the needy, they (programs) must exist, for them to have health and other services they can access, in order to survive.


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