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Updated on September 12, 2011

Let's hope it will work.

More power to President Barack Obama, if he would have the Republican Party opposition in the U.S. Congress speedily debating and passing his new job creation bill for him to sign into law.

Putting it mildly, the Congressional Republican Party members must not use any more excuses to shuffle around what everybody knows to be an emergency situation, in regard to the country's economy, and where it is headed. If stringent measures are not taken, it will end up in the doldrums before too long.

Hence, the president's new plan, which had some old stuff in it; but if it was passed on previous occasions, when he had presented it, the situation would have been different. The fact was that it was always "put on the back burner"; the opposition's cooperation was not forthcoming, and that had created a problem for him.

In his recent speech on job creation to a joint session of U.S. Congress last Thursday, 8th Sept. 2011, he ostensibly invited the private sector, more than the counterpart of his own party, to accept his suggestions. It could be said that he induced or even nearly courted the private enterprise section, by the inclusion of at least three incentives, namely, payroll tax reduction, tax cuts and tax credits for all businesses, big and small, to take advantage of.

He knew that he could not go it alone; and so he meticulously outlined his plan rather carefully. The task was an arduous one; and he would need help.

Those items he outlined happened to be on the Republican Party's laundry list as well, and therefore, it would be incumbent on its members to give the president's plan a serious thought and make a fast assessment of it, by pushing a bill through both chambers of Congress for him to sign into law, so that its content would get the country's sluggish economy out of the rut that it was in, before anything repugnant occurred.

The proposal covered the rebuilding of the infrastructure and other important projects just as well; but those would demand contractual and detailed requirements, and so, they would take a little while to get them in place. Yet, the ones that could be implemented quickly should be tackled sooner than later; and they were those three "tax" attractions, especially targeting big and small businesses alike.

Now, it was for the Republican Party rank and file to prove that they were not out there to sabotage the president's efforts to put the economy right. If so, let them proceed to be compromising and get the president to have his way, even if only just for once, and pass his plan.

Many Americans would be very happy to see that occurring, so that if it failed, they (Republicans) would not be held accountable for the Obama administration's failures.

Besides, his bid for his reelection would be nipped in the bud; as voters' reaction would make that possible in the 2012 general election, saying that he did not keep his promises, which comprised of almost nothing ahead of jobs, jobs, jobs.

Those were the things the country wanted. Otherwise, it (country) has to move in another direction.

The nation awaits the new Obama job plan.


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