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Updated on March 9, 2012

Are they telling the truth?

The Republican Party is using the Keystone XL pipeline to lure votes in an election year, as it has now being made the focus of the 2012 campaign to point out that failure to build the project is President Barack Obama's fault.

It is a job creator, livelihood of thousands of Americans depends on it; and thus making some trade unions to agree with them on that basis; however, the truth is that the project is made to become the proverbial straw that the Republicans are clinging to, because in actuality they have nothing substantial to offer the country; not even a bona fide candidate, but a spurious one that will come out of the party's nomination race.

Whether it is going to be Romney or Santorum or Gingrich or Paul is still up for grabs, as there are no ups or downs for any of them, come to think of it. The party's political machine churns out a jelly-like stuff, when one mentions any of those names.

In other words, none of them, except perhaps Gingrich, is a match for Obama to fight for the party and win the 2012 presidential election.

There is nothing in favor of the Republican Party as matters stand right now for its hierarchy to infuse any type of confidence in die-hard supporters, that they have a real challenger for Obama. Honestly.

Just yesterday, the U.S. Senate has to throw out a Republican sponsored measure aimed to bypass the Obama administration officials objection to the Keystone XL pipeline's construction.

The measure is designed to beguile the American people that the Republicans are doing their damnedest to bring oil and gas prices down; and it is Obama, who is standing in their way.

The fact is that they cannot do anything about gas prices, as crude oil prices are fixed by Organizations like OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries). That is done on the world market, where speculators in places, such as Wall Street, add their greedy, markup profits to the price. Now adding surtaxes to that (price) make gas prices go up at the pump.

Many Americans are smart to know that, if anyone promises you that he or she can bring down gas prices, that person must be considered a liar.

Presently, Americans are suffering, dealing with high gas prices, and the only attraction for them will be having someone on their side, saying that the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline will help.

Yet, if the project starts today, it will take at least five years before a single drip of oil comes out of the pipeline. Besides, the start of it (project) will not have the slightest effect on gas prices as they now stand. So, who is fooling whom?

Obama, on the other hand, has maintained all along that other renewable energy sources must be explored to make America to become energy independent. Such as solar, wind and natural gas.

They are capable of moving automobiles and factory machinery too. So, why must not Americans utilize them? They will save money and help the economy to grow and even get better still.

The opponents to the Republican sponsored bill say that, "the pipeline may leak, and that it will lock the United States into a particularly dirty form of crude that might ultimately end up being exported anyway." (CNN, 03/09/12).

Thus bringing the health of citizens into question, and how it must be safeguarded. It is therefore the responsibility of the Obama administration officials to make sure that serious environmental research is completed before the construction of the pipeline begins.

If not, future repercussions can be more damaging. The landscape has been permanently destroyed and water tables underground polluted. Why must Americans take that kind of risk?

The Republicans must therefore stop using the Keystone pipeline as a tool to bamboozle the American people. They have to allow more studies to be done on the project, before anyone can say, "Jack, where are you?"

By then it will be too late.


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    • profile image

      idratherbe 6 years ago

      American View How will the pipeline reduce prices, please explain? The oil will go to China or exported elsewhere and the profits will go to Canada. Jobs will be short lived and our country takes the risk with little in return. Who will maintain and absorb the cost to maintain the pipeline? If there's a break and our aquifiers come at risk, can we afford a major water supply contaminated? So for the sake of short term jobs, why would we be willing to take all the risks?

    • American View profile image

      American View 6 years ago from Plano, Texas

      First the obvious, the environmental studies were well done in advance of the permit application, one cannot apply for such a permit without one. Second, no one is objecting to the existence, nor did they ever oppose not one of the over hundred pipelines that go through the area in question.

      The approval of the pipeline would have an immediate impact on the price of crude oil and then of course the price of gas. Right now the issue for gas prices rising is not a supply issue as we have plenty, it is a future supply is as in where will future oil come from. Speculators are driving the price up on the uncertainty of the answer. The pipeline and drilling answers that issue and the price will drop. The same thing happened just before Bush left office, he rescinded a ban on drilling and the speculators ran for the hills and gas dropped from $ 4.25 per gallon to $ 1.89 per gallon. Depsite your estimate the pipeline will take 3 1/2 years.

      I do not think addressing the numbers of jobs this will create is needed, it is quite obvious.

      Wonder why you did not address Obama telling everyone how he is such the exploration President when he is not, he even lobbied to make sure the Dems voted against it. He lost by only 4 votes. Wonder what the payment was for those votes. Time will tell. Just like on Obamacare, it will all come out