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Updated on May 9, 2010

Jim Gordon Knew Better But Misinformed Us Anyway.

Jim Gordon, CEO of Cape Wind Associates LLC has been in the energy business since the mid 1970s. At one time he developed and owned gas-fired power plants which produced approximately 8% of the electric load for New England. Jim Gordon knows the energy business inside and out. This leaves him no place to hide when he simply lies, in my opinion.

I first heard one of Gordon's biggest lies during his first presentation of the Cape Wind project. It is my opinion that he knew better but that it suited his purposes to lie for effect. I have heard him and people who work for him and government officials including our present governor and Slick Salazar, Secretary of the Interior repeat this same fiction as recently as late April of this year.

We have been told Cape Wind will save us money on energy. That is a lie. We have been told that Cape Wind will not interfere with any commercial maritime traffic. That is a lie. We have been told that Cape Wind will not affect commercial fishing or recreational boating. That is a lie.

But, perhaps the biggest lie of all is the one that says Cape Wind will help reduce our dependence on foreign oil. One particularly vocal and offensive Cape Wind supporter used to hand out leaflets at Cape Wind events and yell at Cape Wind opponents that they liked sending "American Boys" to be killed for big oil. Hmmmm..........

According to the United States Energy Information Administration (easily found on GOOGLE) the United States uses oil to generate one percent of its electricity. That is a fact and Jim Gordon has known this all along. Perhaps he should tell Slick Salazar.

Copyright 2010 by Peter A. Kenney


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