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Updated on April 10, 2012

Is it for the opposition's sake?

The media have started their dirty tricks again, both by print and on television, to place pictures that they favored on the left of the screen or in the newspapers and magazines; and that the picture of the least favorite person was situated on the right of their favorite.

Unlike Arabic, the counting of prominence in the English culture started from the left to the right, and if one was featuring the pictures of President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the president would be counted first, like the number 1 came first before the other numbers, 2, 3 and 4, through to any number that came at the end of a count.

In other words, as president, Obama's position on the screen or on the page would be to the left before any other person's picture; say that of Romney, so that he (Obama) would be counted first.

That was the technique the editors and producers used to infuse in the minds of viewers or readers that the person on the left was number one or more important than the person on the right.

It was just like introducing guests at a banquet; and if the president happened to be there, he would be announced first, as courtesy or protocol demanded, or for the sake of prominence or even for the common respect due him. For example, if the president was attending any gathering, public or private, there was no way that anyone else would be mentioned first or before him (the president) in any type of introduction.

Fox News and, being conservative media outlets have began to use the "reverse procedure" as one would term the technique, by placing Romney to the left of the screen or first on the page to the left, before Obama; and they knew the technique to have a psychological effect on the viewer or the reader. His or her mind would indicate to him or her that Romney should have prominence over Obama; as the process of counting was culturally from the left to the right.

However, how could the challenger to Obama's position as president of the United States be considered as being first, when the pictures of both men were placed on the TV screen or on a page? With all due respect, Obama's picture should be first in line and not that of Romney.

It would be inconsiderate, and even inconceivable to mention Prince Charles first before the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth 2, in introducing the two in any public ceremony or setting. That would never happen, as that would mean to slight the British Crown. (The analogy should be considered just as an example, please).

The same thing applied here, that Obama, being the president of the U.S., should come first before Romney; and even though, he Romney has not won the Republican Party nomination race, his conservative friends in the media and elsewhere would want to place him ahead of the president. They were using the "reverse technique" to do exactly that.

Another example was that the editors and producers in the media were doing the same thing with George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.

The picture of Zimmerman would be on the left of the TV screen or on the page of the newspaper or magazine before that of Martin; showing that although Zimmerman was the killer of Martin, but psychologically, he was more important than Martin. Somehow, he (Zimmerman) has to be first in the manner of counting; which should not be so at all.

One must never underestimate the media, thinking that they did not know what they were doing, or for what reason they were placing a picture on the screen or on a page, where and how they wanted it, and to what effect. For they were aware of the impression the picture would make on the TV viewer or the reader, if it was on a printed page.

The game was up, and it was for the Obama campaign to tell the media to avoid that trick, so that the forthcoming 2012 presidential election would be fair and balanced in every way possible.

Telling them (media) that playing dirty tricks on the public has been exposed; and it would not be tolerated. Posting pictures on the TV screen or on the pages of newspapers and magazines should not be used to bedazzle or influence the public in any negative way.


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