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Updated on August 13, 2012

American Voters should be able to answer that question.

Put an accounting maestro and an extreme venture capitalist together and you have Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney; and that was what the speeches yesterday on their first run on the 2012 campaign trail indicated, that with their combined efforts in their specialties, they would transform the United States overnight.

The enthusiasm of Romney picking Ryan for his Vice-president seemed to have affected Republicans than never before, and so, they were geared to having the election happening now than four months ahead instead.

Ryan was emotional at his homecoming reception; and who could blame him, for he has been picked from at least ten potential candidates, each of which had his or her own special credentials, and the impact was overwhelming for party loyalists.

If he hadn't pinched himself a few times before he appeared on the stage with Romney for the first time, he would have thought that it was all happening to him in a dream.

However, it wasn't; and his already changed life from driving a wienerburger truck or "Wienermobile" to a Congressman, and then to be selected for vice-president by the presumptive Republican Party candidate, Mitt Romney, was about to change again even more.

Notwithstanding the fact that there was a tough election in front of the ticket, and its resultant could be anywhere from winning to losing, he would never be the same again.

American politics were like that. Once your name has been mentioned for a high profile position as vice-president, you have automatically become part of history, and there was no way of changing that from any point of view, either your own or that of the public.

Therefore, if that was how Ryan, a young man of 42 years of age, felt in Norfolk, Virginia, on Saturday, he couldn't have been more right. Yet, he should have realized that he was getting into a real political fight in real life.

Romney choosing him was not the end; it was just the start of a pivotal campaign that he (Romney) was in to face President Barack Obama in the Fall of 2012. His mantra was that Obama has failed to deliver on the promises he made to the American people when he was elected.

However, let us look at Obama's record, if there was any. The country was losing 400,000 jobs a month, when he took over in 2009, but he has fought back and produced 4 million private sector jobs to date.

Unemployment rate was still high at 8.3%, but he was gaining more that 70,000 jobs on the average, each month and his job creation numbers have never been in the negative or zero, as his opponent has been spreading around.

He has admitted that there was more to do to get the numbers up, and in spite of the obvious happenstances that have come his way; for example, the European economic crisis, the Japan nuclear meltdown, the Middle East and North African upheavals; all have had a combined bad effect on the U.S. economy, he was still working hard to get the situation straightened out.

His foreign policy has been excellent, and there have been no terror attacks on mainland U.S.; meaning that his national security measures were in place to protect the American people without any doubt.

He has restrained Iran from making any tangible progress in its desire to obtain a nuclear bomb, with strong sanctions, and the country's (U.S.) military power in the Persian Gulf was there to stop it (Iran) from closing the Strait of Hormuz; and so, oil supplies to the West have not been wholly interrupted, and thus getting many world economies moving unabated, including that of the U.S.

He has organized U.S. and European military forces to remove strong-man Gadhafi from Libya in a war that had not a single known American casualty; and most of all, he has gotten rid of Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks on Washington D.C. and New York City, culminating in the death of over 3000 American citizens in one treacherous day.

The U.S. was presently at peace with its neighbors and the world at large; but it also remained a strong or even a super power in the military sense that no other nation on earth could match.

He was running for reelection; an occasion to which he Ryan has been invited by Mitt Romney, who was Obama's opponent, to assist him (Romney) as his vice-president; and judging by Obama's record, and with a formidable vice-president as Joe Biden, the Republican Party that they represented has bitten off more than it could chew.

The Romney campaign would do all it could to blind the American voter with an economic future that was special; but it would be the same as letting Wall Street lose and getting the country in the economic mess as it was in now. In other words, that method has been tried before and it never worked.

It was time to build a new economy, with the middle class playing a leading role, and prosperity and opportunities becoming available to all citizens, irrespective of their backgrounds. That was done soon after WW ll, and it could be achieved once more.

That was Obama's vision; and so, Ryan becoming Romney's running mate would have a real battle on their hands; and to tell the American people that they could do better would be an arduous task on their part.

However, the Obama-Biden administration has achieved so much for the country, and it would be very difficult for any pair of politicians to overtake them; with the voters knowing fully well that they have to choose the path that would guarantee success for all Americans, and not just a few wealthy people in society, as the Romney/Ryan agenda would be pointing to in many people's minds.


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