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Updated on October 12, 2010


Many people, like myself, thought that the Press or the Media (or which ever way you would call them), should be neutral, or at least try to remain so; and that they should be objective in their outlook, in presenting information, particularly, the news to the public.

Yet, where is the objectivity by the media, when reporting on the New York governor's race? There doesn't seem to be any.

One of the candidates is already being portrayed as "prince elect", which is highly Un-American in itself; and the other is being given negative reviews for speaking his mind. He is being openly attacked on several issues, whereas his opponent is being treated with kid gloves, literally.

It looks like whatever Mr. Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic candidate says is favorable or acceptable to news correspondents; but what comes out of Mr. Paladino, the Republican candidate's mouth is abominable, in every instance.

The latest is his skirmish with the homosexual community, and what he is saying about the way its members flaunt or display certain attributes of their lifestyle during their annual Halloween parade; which has been made to become "front page news" by the media. To him, such behavior was not conducive to children or young adults.

All he is saying is that, as a religious father, he will not allow his children to be exposed to a spectacle of that kind. He also mentions that real marriage is off the table for their attempt to change its meaning; and a great number of people agree with him on those two points.

Mr. Cuomo has been campaigning on a platform that included a woman's right to choose plank; and not a single media representative has questioned him about why he felt the way he did with babies losing their innocent lives, mercilessly.

This is America, and it is still a free country; and people are at liberty to express their thoughts, no matter how harsh, sometimes. Therefore, if the media believe in fair play, then there is only one thing for them to do, and that is to sit on the fence for the two campaigns to take their individual, different, non-convergent and uncommon characteristics to achieve their goals. Thus, playing an interloper role by any "outside" entity will not help the voters in the slightest.

The governor's mansion does not belong to any one person; and it is for New Yorkers themselves to elect their own governor, and not the media; be he Cuomo or be he Paladino.

Again, it seems to many people that one of the candidates is telling the truth; whilst the other will say anything to get elected; and they, the electorate, can decide for themselves which one to choose.


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    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 7 years ago from America

      Worst state in the union, run by Dems for many many years, time to put some conservatives in power and turn your state around!