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Updated on August 26, 2010


Yesterday, the City Council of New York voted for the new skyscraper, 15 Penn Plaza project, to go up; much to the chagrin of those who were not prepared to see the skyline of New York City going through any type of change.

The Council knew how much the Empire State Building meant; a symbol of industry and strength; it has enticed people from every corner of the earth; and millions of visitors would have observed the city from its observation deck more than two or three times in their lives.

However, progress is progress; and nothing must be allowed to stand in its way; and another magnificent piece of architecture represents the advancement of business, commerce and trade that the city is known for; and also the need to create employment for its citizens.

Buildings of the type that is being planned will have new and/or futuristic technologies and modern architectural improvements involved; features that will attract more tourists and thereby improve the economy of the city.

On that score, the ESB has served the city so well for many years; and the public owed a great deal of gratitude to its owners; however, arguing that any other structure near it would render some kind of an adverse blow to the skyline of the city would be ridiculous, to say the least.

Again, bravo, City Council of New York, for a decision well taken.


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