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Updated on July 8, 2011

Do it rationally.

Budget cuts to help the deficit reduction discussions going on in Washington D.C. must not be done in a manner that will put the burden on just one section of society, or in such a way that only one faction must be made to bear the brunt of the United States' current financial problems.

Lawmakers, however incessantly they want and need to shave off costs to bring government spending under control, are liable to ensure that fairness is the driving influence behind their actions.

If seniors are picked on, through Medicare and Social Security, to carry a bigger load to achieve a balanced budget, then their efforts to enable the country to maintain a strong economy in the past, and throughout their working years, will be in vain.

At the present moment, that is what the cuts are aiming to do, and that is to reduce Medicare and Social Security spending in order to accomplish the objective of Congressional Republicans, who are always protecting the more secure citizens, by saying that raising taxes on them is likely to make the economy worse.

They argue that if taxes are raised on the more affluent people, and particularly the rich, unemployment will rise even higher, because they are the ones helping the economy to get better by their investments in industries and businesses.

The Obama administration is making it abundantly clear that there are some excesses through tax loopholes that the rich are taking advantage of, and they (tax loopholes) must be closed, if there is going to be any type of fairness in solving the country's financial woes.

Both sides have identified where the cuts are supposed to come from, as well as where there is a need to raise taxes to help the revenue to increase.

Now, it must be realized that spending by the government is in itself not a bad thing, because it allows the government to pay our military and security forces who are working day and night to protect the nation's interests at home and abroad.

Two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan must be paid for; and the expenditure of maintaining embassies and consulates all around the globe must be handled efficiently.

It is not that President Barack Obama is giving money away to African Americans, as many of the so called Tea Party people think or assume. No such thing has ever happened; or will it ever happen.

All the monies in any government's expenditure are spent reasonably; it is done with so much rational as the Republican opposition members fully know. Yet, they have a fixation that many Americans are born stupid, and they will embrace anything you tell them. Ask these members where the spending is going, and they will never give a direct or true answer; but because of the negative thoughts they have about the Obama administration, they will find many excuses to justify their behavior.

They are always ready to find fault of some kind; and give the impression that the president is "a big spender".

Again, many Americans are saying that, if the cuts are going to be on the backs of seniors alone, then there will not be fairness on the part of those who are insisting that no responsibility must be extended to the rich and well to do, to contribute their fair share to stabilizing the slow economy that we are all seeing today.

The correction of the economy, and the responsibility of paying off the huge debt the country is laboring under, must be borne on all shoulders; and that must include the middle class, the working class and all citizens of the United States alike.


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    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 6 years ago from America

      You guys can scream and yell all you want, yes Republicans want cuts and reform to social services, Democrats are gutless and know it HAS TO BE DONE! Maybe if your president hadn't wasted almost a trillion dollars on nothing, unemployment would not be up again, this country would not be broke etc! Now medicare and Social Security HAVE to be fixed! There is NO CHOICE! Do you guys not watch the news? Greece is just a few years ahead of us in social services and unionized govt! They are marching in the streets and the government is BROKE! I know you libs want to ignore this but it is time to pay the fiddler boys!............someone has to have the guts to do it!

      Stop following the mob! Corporate taxes are higher here than anywhere in the world! How much more rhetoric are you willing to buy??? AND how much more punishment do you believe business should suffer?

      PS they don't care and will move their companies overseas or pass cost on to the consumer!.........either way WE the working Americans LOSE!

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Excellent Hub Owurakwasip. Enough is enough. The President is caving in to the GOP on too many things. He must insist on the elimination of all of these tax breaks and stop giving in to the GOP blackmail. Call their bluff. Then continue to pay the bills if the debt limit isn't raised. It's in the 14th amendment. He can do it and should. I am sick and tired of the Republicans, corporations, and Tea Partiers hijacking our government.