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Updated on October 3, 2012

The fight for the presidency really starts tonight.

The debate, the debate, the debate; everybody is talking about it. Who is going to win; Obama or Romney? That is the question everyone is asking this morning for tonight's debate between the two presidential candidates, a Democrat and a Republican, respectively.

The national polls are on it; going up and down with the candidates being within a few points of each other. Obama seems to be ahead, though, in each of the pollsters predictions, but he must not take his opponent for granted this Wednesday night, tonight, the first day of three debates, before the 2012 election day, Tuesday, November 6th.

That will be the deciding day by the voters, when they have put two and two together for who will be president of the United States for the next four years; and as the debates are designed to test the candidates to know the stuff they are made of, strong back bone to withstand the onslaught of questions prepared for the occasion, will be the main criteria, embedded in the events to come.

Character and experience will be pushed aside for the time being, as straight answers are the only manifestations of the questionnaire the moderator(s) have; and faulting on any of them will be regarded "as the lowest depth of misery" for either candidate.

Everybody knows that they have come, well prepared, and are serious to do their best; but that will not be enough, unless one is ready to overcome the other, to prove one's legitimacy to the position that they are both fighting for, with the determination that one will be pragmatic and competent in one's actions in running the country. That one will be declared the winner.

The plan or plans that he will espouse are not just ideological, but as practical and genuine to the extent of making his leadership exceptional, compared to any other in the wild world that lies ahead.

The economy and unemployment, the Middle East, and not to mention Iran's nuclear ambition in particular, Afghanistan, European fiscal crises, Syria and Assad must be dealt with; and on and on. In fact the whole world becomes an issue of such enormous complexity.

That will need a vibrant person to handle whatever comes his way with equanimity; or else, he will tumble the U.S. into an abyss of political, economical, intellectual and moral depth that will take several years for it to recover from.

These are trying times for everyone; and especially for those that are elected to political office, be it for the representation in Congress, a governorship or even a mayor; and more so for the presidency of the U.S., which needs to be paid an honorable tribute at every opportunity by the person, who occupies it, through his actions.

In two simple words, the country wants and needs the one person, who can provide "strong leadership". Now, the question is, will it be Obama or Romney? Another is, which of them has the innate and exemplary character to be president of this great nation?

That is what the debates are all about; the first of three to take place tonight in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.

There must be no room for a "deadlock" in the minds of voters here tonight, and in the foreseeable future.


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