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Updated on June 9, 2012

Obama made that clear in his news conference.

The United States Republican Party Congressional caucus know what is going on around the world; but they pretend not to give President Barack Obama the chance to point out that such occurrences are affecting his strategies to deal with the situation the economy is in.

For example, they (Republicans) were aghast, after the president's news conference explaining the slow recovery that the economy was experiencing, and saying that there were outside events, as the fiscal condition in Europe, and such, which were uncontrollable. Also that there were bills pending in the U.S. Congress that could pass to put many Americans to work "right now".

They had the awareness that he was telling the truth, and that his message would resonate with a majority of Americans, and so, no sooner than the end of the news conference, they vehemently mounted a strong attack to undermine the president, especially for mentioning the stack of legislation that could be used to alleviate the the country's economic problems.

However, why those bills were "sitting there" on the shelves of Congress, nobody has any answers for, except that both chambers (of Congress) did not see the urgency to permit them to become law. As, if that should happen, some members would be at a loss. They would find it very difficult to accept the blame for making their party to be out of power; and therefore, the only rational was that they were not going to help a president that they were so anxious to get rid of.

That was the only thing that could drive their motive; to allow the economy to come to a stand still, while unemployment continued to soar; and if that would not do their bidding, nothing else would.

Their response to Obama was that the government's policies were to blame; and besides, they themselves have passed some bills in the House that could stimulate the economy and to get it on track, but the Democratic Party, which held a majority in the Senate, has its members bullishly opposing those bills, and the Republicans could not get past them.

Soon after yesterday's news conference, the leadership of the Republican Party was out in force, including former Gov. Mitt Romney, the presumptive candidate for the party in the November presidential election, to repudiate and counteract Obama's comments, which were designed to give them a piece of his mind.

Certainly, their reaction was to refute the president's remarks, which they have every right to do at their own news conference; but over doing so was the problem.

Talking about turning the tables, Gov. Romney was asking whether the president was "out of touch" with what was going on in the country, in regard to the lousy economic trend, when he (Romney) was the one, who was accused of being out of touch with the American people by the main stream media.

Yet, what the Republicans were forgetting was that the electorate were also watching to see who was at fault, with respect to hampering the progress that the economy should be making. Was it Obama or was it the Republicans?

They the electorate were aware that it would not make any sense for the president to cause any harm to the economy, since he would be held responsible for its downturn; while on the other hand, the actions of the Republicans could be portrayed as taking advantage of the sluggish economy and using it as a pretext against Obama's reelection bid.

That could be the perception of many voters; but if they would allow such a strategy to work for one party in the 2012 general election, then they had a whole lot to consider; and that whether it was right for that party to obstruct the economy by withholding or stonewalling the proposals that would give it (economy) the push it needed to advance, then they (voters) would know where to place blame. They would also come to the conclusion that the government should be given the opportunity to bring the situation under control.

In other words, millions of people that were out of work could be employed, if Congress could get those bills out for the president to sign them into law and to put them to work, as the case should be; but the fact of the matter was that Congress would want to remain dysfunctional and as a "do nothing" entity. So, the bills would continue to wait.

It was deliberately refusing to take action, while the issue of unemployment got worse; all for making political statements and gaining from their outcome.

The solution to that kind of attitude would be for a pragmatic voting public to put politics aside and follow their conscience to do what was in the best interest of the country by voting them out. For that was not what a political party should do to achieve its objective. It would be holding the country back, if it did.

Honestly, not all Americans supported Obama; but his efforts should not be thwarted, if they would bring parity into the country's social system, by making opportunities available not only to the few, who were born with silver spoons in their mouths, but to all citizens alike.

His "revolving view" on the meaning of marriage has annoyed many people; however, his passion to protect the country from its enemies has been demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt by the strategies that he was using to deter the terrorists, whose aim was to destroy the American way of life.

He has dealt with them, with Al Qaeda in mind, so severely; and that it was plain to see that from now on, they would think twice before they would attack the U.S. again. He has proved himself to be worthy on that score, and it would be a shame to overlook such a glaring example of a distinguish national security record.

Congress should pass his plans to get the economy moving once more in the right direction. He has given the assurance that he could do the work he was elected in 2008 to do; and without many obstructions being placed in his way by his adversaries, he could even do better in a second term..

He was perfectly right to have workers put to work by state and local governments, as he emphasized at his news conference; as the public sector did not fix the infrastructure. Bridges and roads were coming apart, and therefore, he was asking the private sector to do their part to assist those governments by hiring more people, while construction workers, police and firefighters that have been laid off could be hired again to do what governments did. Besides, that would reduce the high unemployment, if nothing else.

That was the only way to get the economy moving once more; and right now, it was the only direction for the country to go.


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