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Updated on November 14, 2012

It will make for the good of the country.

The sobbing of despair continued in the Romney camp, which fell prey to the Obama political campaign machinery just last week at the voting stations around the country.

Now, it is Rep. Paul Ryan (R-W) that is knit picking on what President Barack Obama's second term agenda is supposed to be.

He prefers to dictate to the victor rather than cooperating with him; and that is the kind of attitude that is going through the Republican Party and its supporters, that instead of finding common grounds in dealing with the country's financial problems, it will be better to carry on as before with disagreements and gridlocks.

If Obama's first term was a disappointment, it was not his fault, as the Republican majority in the United States Congress opposed his every move, from job creation to establishing a universal health care, known as the Affordable Care Act, to give health care insurance coverage to millions of Americans.

The political blood letting fights over raising the debt ceiling and the deficit reduction talks must not be repeated, as the latest election pointed out, that for the sake of the country, there must be cooperation rather than disagreement between the Obama administration and the Republicans.

Yet, that is not what Rep. Paul Ryan is advocating, as indicated in his first interview after the 2012 presidential election.

He was on the Republican Party ticket with former Gov. Mitt Romney in that election, but he has returned in his seat as the U.S. House of Representative Budget Committee Chairman; and his position on the issues has not changed in the slightest.

"When asked if Obama had a mandate on taxes, Romney’s running mate told ABC News: “I don’t think so, because they also reelected the House Republicans. So whether people intended or not, we’ve got divided government.”" (, 11/14/12).

With the so called "fiscal cliff" waiting to wreak havoc on the slow recovery of the economy, many were expecting that the Republicans would have a change of heart toward the president; and though, they would not agree with him 100% in his agenda, they would lax their opposition a little bit.

At least that would help Obama to push a few legislation through Congress for his second term to be worthwhile; and for unity to return to the country, as ordinary people did not appreciate the bickering that has been going on in the last four years.

That would be what all good standing Americans want to happen in Washington, D.C., for the government and the opposition to get along, in order for the nation's business to have a majority percentage of their attention; and to have the laws that were beneficial to all the people to be passed in Congress.

In other words, change of attitude is what most Americans want; as it has been shown from the result of the 2012 presidential election.

The stiff opposition to the Obama administration must be a thing of the past, if the Republicans can help it.


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