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Updated on September 17, 2014

1914 was a memorable year for the European history since it shaped its future. On 28 June 1914, the archduke Ferdinand was assassinated given birth to millions deaths and its infamy, the first world war. It is unthinkable to imagine that our governments, bona fide, were unable to stop the deadly and inevitable escalation of the tragedy to unroll, a bad plagiary of Sophocles' plays, was it because, in fact, a war was desired? Indeed it was. A hundred years later, who will pull the trigger on a "revered" bubblehead that will provoke indignation, anger and give, at last, the green light to enter war?

How is Europe? It inevitably gathers all prerequisite conditions. On an economic standpoint, there's no need to draw a satirical cartoon to understand the European predicament. Europe is collapsing and won't experience any economical growth anytime soon. It can salute its enlightenment era, its industrialized era, its international aura. With its attachment to NATO, it lost its last independent breathe, impetus. Thanks to the silence of the media, to the damages done by the neocons' diktats southern Europe and Ireland hit bottom. Beside boreal Europe, the rest is under intravenous.

In a contradictable reasoning the European model of success remains the US. The European ally and their semper fidelis attitude has a devastating economic toll. Is it because of a blind faith or the awareness of the incredible invisible power thwarting any given sovereignty in a punitive fashion? If the U.S. only and deliberately violates and strikes defenseless countries what's their mean of pressure, blackmail measure over leaders like Germany, France, Japan...? Because French president De Gaulle opposed the US, he faced 40 assassination attempts prepared by NATO.

NATO is the US mercenary branch acting on the Ukraine front and consequently on the Russian's. The Americans through a minority of Ukrainians (selected by our representatives and among them Victoria Nuland, famous for her abject "f--k the EU"), overthrew by proxy a democratically elected government (nonetheless), are pushing the thermonuclear button against Russia, and ultimately against the US.

Haven't we already imposed an embargo on the Russian economy? Haven't we already attacked the Russian front with missiles and chemical weapons? Where is Obama's outrage and his hypocritical "red line" principle not to cross? Is it only suitable to countries targeted as enemies? What is the definition of enmity applicable to Syria obliterating Ukraine? Is it our misunderstanding of resistance to our hegemony? Haven't our emissaries (our special ops with a predilection for the navy seals) already sabotaged the North Stream pipeline to cut off Europe from its Russian natural energy dependency?

According to economists the coming financial cr[a,u]sh, the 1929 crash of the XXI century will likely occur either at the end of this year, either at the beginning of 2015 and will plunge the US and its dependencies to an abyssal poverty. The 2008 prelude just showed emphatically the market volubility and instability and, its interdependency to the US economy. Shouldn't it serve as an ominous sign for the future? Maybe to avoid the blame from such disaster to unfold and the people to riot, a nice war will be welcomed.

The warsters, the banksters have to cover every front, haven't they? In the Middle East, Africa... Why not creating a European front also since Russia is not an America-abiding subservient? Haven't we already condemned many US citizens only because of their communist belief? Doesn't our majority hate a communist? In 2014, Russia that is a window for capitalism is still regarded as communist. Shall I remind us that when Russia was socialist we called it communist?

And what is America offering us? Our epitome of false capitalism (since we really navigate with dirigism, mercantilism and most important protectionism that opposes naturally pure capitalism) and fallacious democracy is shining. Its prism glows an official unemployment rate of 6.1% (when it means 23%), an inflation rate of 2% (when it really means 7, 8%), a national debt of $16 trillion (when it is $70 trillion), its $1.5 quadrillion derivatives bubble... Shall I continue?

Which paradigm are we exporting? We are reducing our military budget and parallelly we are increasing the share allocated to defense (NSA, CIA...). We are cutting on military and pasting on mercenary expenditures. Public contracts fell to $462.1bn to 416.3 from 2012 to 2013. 65% of those billions belong to 200 private entities such as Lockheed $44.3bn, Boeing $21.6bn (with its apaches), General Dynamics $14bn (submarines), Raytheon $13.7bn, Northrop Grumman $10.8bn and ranked 13th a surprise in the military industrial complex but a telltale sign DynCorp International that provides private armies. When we attack with those private armies foreign countries we plant in the international minds the danger that we represent and we cash in. When they cash in, the earth and the people cash out, elementary principle.

By 2020, the earth will account 7 billion people. By 2050, 50% of the water resource will have disappeared. Thanks to our environmental disregard icebergs disintegrate, oceans acidify, droughts are knocking at our doors... When the discrepancy between the growth of the population and the availability of goods expands what will become of us? The agenda 21 and its derivatives : the current Ebola outspread, wars waged in the middle east or simply the third world war will be welcomed to deliver our elites from the useless eaters that we are.

If Perfidious Albion, once, was Great Britain in the timeline of history. Its offspring reborn in 1774 beat its master to the game.


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    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 3 years ago from USA

      Man is god.

    • SANJAY LAKHANPAL profile image

      Sanjay Sharma 3 years ago from Mandi (HP) India

      You are absolutely right. When they cash in, the earth and the people cash out. Yes it is an elementary principle. But man is trying to imitate God.