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Updated on April 9, 2012

Justice must be served.

If ever there was a collusion between a police department and an assailant in a homicide case, this would be it.

"Zimmerman says he killed Martin in self-defense after the teen punched him and slammed his head on the sidewalk, according to an Orlando Sentinel report that was later confirmed by Sanford police." (CNN, 04/09/12).

The special prosecutor Angela Corey, who has been appointed by the Florida governor, Gov. Rick Scott, has seen it over and over again, but what she was doing about it was still a mystery.

Zimmerman is the night watchman, who killed Trayvon Martin, a young African American in Sanford, Fl., on February 26th, 2012. He claims that he has shot Martin in self defense.

Yet, the statement above that Zimmerman is purported to have made to the Sanford police that night, is positively an afterthought.

The question then arises, "what happened before that?" and there is no answer to that.

The officers that went to the gated neighborhood where Zimmerman killed Martin did the correct thing by arresting Zimmerman as the killer and brought him to the precinct for further questioning.

Low and behold, there was a quick meeting between Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee and State Attorney Norm Wolfinger, with Zimmerman's family being present. After that, the killer was allowed to go free.

Put the names Zimmerman and Wolfinger together and the answer is right there. That family connections have helped in the decision by the police chief and the state attorney to set the "Zimmerman boy (28)" free.

The circumstances of someone yelling for "help" and the "racial slur" do not mean much, after the fact that a person has been killed. That is what the special prosecutor must build a case out of, and nothing else.

She should question Zimmerman and keep him in custody until a Florida court grants him bail. That is the proper procedure; and that is exactly what Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, the parents of Trayvon Martin, are asking her (special prosecutor) to do.

Anything else would be wishy-washy. Or it could be said that she was only interested in some kind of a pretext to let Zimmerman remain in hiding.

In that case, she could become part of the collusion set up to protect Zimmerman by the police chief and the state attorney.

Such an attitude would defy the trust that the governor of Florida, Gov. Rick Scott, has placed in her, Angela Corey, as the special prosecutor to deal with the Martin killing.

She must act now, or forever hold her peace.


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