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Updated on October 18, 2011

Let the people decide.

The pollsters and main stream media are having a field day about businessman Herman Cain, a Conservative Republican, beating President Barack Obama in an election.

People assume that they are referring to the 2012 general election; but Cain is presently running in the Republican Party nomination race, and a prediction of him winning that one is still anybody's guess.

So, why is the media so much agog with him winning an election, which is still in the distant future? Percentages of all sorts are out there, and are in favor of Cain.

The headlines are all over the place, with captions like, "Cain edges Obama in the polls" or "Cain is likely to beat Obama", and such.

It may seem that somebody or even a group or groups of organizations have decided to play with the emotions of the public, as no one knows exactly how many people they have canvassed to get their results. They can tell us anything they want; and who is to check whatever they say?

People are the gullible masses, and they will accept whatever the media and pundits say; but the saying that, "Don't believe everything you read in the papers" still lingers in many minds, and that tells them (people) to be a little bit wary about what they read, view (on television or any electronic device) or listen to.

Of course, Cain can win over Obama, because in an election anything can happen; yet, is the public so naive to believe that the campaign for the presidential election is still starting; and that knowing all the political arsenals in any person's possession is possible. That is an outright impossibility.

For example, Cain has got his economic plan out, with an element of 999 tax plan that has got people searching to see if that has any muscle to it. The jury is not out yet on that; and it will be a failure for him, if the results do not add up.

He has not even been nominated as yet, as the Republican Party candidate to run against Obama; and so, a lot of people are saying that he must go through that screening first.

Obama is also pushing his American Jobs Act proposals; and the whole political atmosphere is tense. Yet, throwing in poll numbers at this point in time is too premature

In view of all that, the pollsters, media analysts and pundits have every right to speak their minds; but trying to shove things down people's throat is not at all preferable.

In the final analysis, it will be "We the People", who will decide; and not the polls. Their vote is the only thing that counts.


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    • Kadmiels profile image

      Kadmiels 6 years ago from Florida

      well said people should be free to make up there own minds on the aspects of anything presented to bad we lack common sense in this country and they now it