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Updated on October 15, 2011

Wonderful accomplishments.

President Barack Obama was just 8 years old, when the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King took place; however, the two lives have merged so intrinsically, the president has completely fulfilled much of Dr. King's "I have a dream" speech.

That the children of former slaves and former slave owners will be sitting at "the table of brotherhood" one day, to hammer out their problems and find solutions to their common concerns.

If that was not a prediction of the future by Dr. King, then the scenario of former civil rights leaders and the Congressional delegation attending the dedication, and the aftermath dinner reception at the White House would be unrealistic, if not futile. To many, it has been prophecy fulfilled.

The attendees will be sitting at the same table and dipping their hands in the same bowl to eat, so to speak (pun is the blog's). The words of the famous political and civil rights leader have come so true, it will not just be historians, who will bear witness to the occasion, but also the common man in the street.

They are going to be guests of the first African American president, under the roof provided by long past presidents; some of whom have been slave masters themselves; and who will die to see a black president being accorded the dignity and respect he deserves for himself and his family.

The First Lady Michelle Obama and her two daughters will be there too; having the same amount of respect being shown them. That will certainly be a momentous experience for both the first family and their guests.

Such a gathering will only grieve the hearts of die hard separatists and segregationists, who still harbor hatred for the change in race relations in America. They yearn for the Jim Crow law days, when separate bathrooms are provided on the basis of race; and black people have to cram in the back of city buses like sheep. Although, there is plenty of room upfront in that same bus, they will not get a seat, because of the color of their skin.

Dr. King has died out of hatred and at the hands of racist individuals who deplored that liberty was a blessing meant for every person to enjoy, irrespective of race or color.

America has come a long way from those horrible times, mainly due to the struggles of Dr. King and other civil right leaders, who marched in all kinds of weather to make demands on unscrupulous authorities, for "the powers that be" to change their attitude toward other human beings. There were those, who marched in sympathy with their black neighbors to bring about freedom and equality in society; and the whole world would be grateful to them for many years to come.

The dedication of Dr. King's monument should be a reminder to all Americans that we were all one people, and we were in agreement of what he had done to change the attitude of society for the better; and all honor and praise must be given him, and in remembrance of his wonderful accomplishments.

His famous saying that every person must be judged by the content of his or her character, and not by his or her color has resonated throughout the rest of the world. His death has not been in vain.

He would be remembered forever for his positive contribution to humanity as a whole.


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