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Updated on September 8, 2011

Let's see some action.

Many Americans who watched the Republican Party Candidates' debate were slightly disappointed, as there was not a single exchange of real words between the participants.

It was all smooth sailing, as if everyone has been coached to behave nicely and quietly.

The attire of each person was the best of its kind, including the dress that the only lady among them wore. The men were in custom tailored suits, while she was in a sharp, well made, up and down coat and skirt; she was really outstanding.

The event was so clean; as no one was ready to sling some mud that will get into anybody's eyes; but politics without mud slinging was like football with no ball.

Probably the occasion was on hallowed ground; that being the Ronald Reagan Library, and civility was to be observed without a scratch. The whole thing was so genteel.

Many admired Mrs. Nancy Reagan being there, as a homage was paid to her late husband, President Ronald Reagan, to make it a solemn occurrence.

The moderators were well prepared with questions to pepper the participants, but the responses were not so peppery.

It was only Candidate Newt Gingrich that came out to say that each of them would be a better president than the person who presently held the office of the U.S. presidency; namely, President Barack Obama.

In a monotonous fashion, they all condemned his policies on every issue; including Health Care, National Security and a few salient topics; but they failed to indicate how they themselves would fare, if they were in the place of the president.

America could not wait to see which of the candidates would come up on top to challenge Obama in next year's general election.

At the moment, there seemed to be no one special among the Republican line-up.

We all wait to see who does survive the ordeal of the Republican Party primary; be it a man or a woman.


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    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 6 years ago from America

      Do you really want mudslinging? I thought we were supposed to have a nicer tone in Washington? We never say things like "they can go to hell" Maxine Waters, Or Let's take those sonofabitches out! Hoffa Jr, right before the president took stage last weekend!....speaking about the Tea Party! sir we conservatives are the respectable party in this country!