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Updated on November 5, 2009

are you or are you not?

Does not the Republican Health Care plan come in far too late, after the nation has gone through such turmoil and uncertainty all summer long to endeavor to select a set of reforms that will overhaul the atrocious and somewhat condemned health care system? 

Where actually have they been; to permit family against family and friends to become foes to occur at the erstwhile Townhall meetings and Tea Party gatherings?

The Democratic Party has produced several versions of plans that included Public Option, a feature that would usher in the uninsured and the people who might have pre-existing conditions. The Party has maintained that there should be no "uninsurables"; and that, at least, 96% of coverage of the population should be aimed at.

That idea has been rejected by many members of Congress on the Republican side, saying that it would be a government health care arm that would intrude into what private insurance groups were already doing. They would not want a government incursion into something that would allow outside supervision or intervention; and to attempt to curb the capitalist stronghold that the Insurance companies have had on the health care industry would not be tolorated. "No government run Insurance", they had chanted.

In other words, the status quo must remain. If so, then, have they not been speaking the same language that the Insurance corporations have, and are still using, as their advertisements show, to forestall any type of overhaul in the health care insurance industry?. 

Their position is so ambiguous, it demands the question, "what have you been saying to the people you are supposed to represent all along; have you been telling them lies?" They should also ask themselves if they are for a health care reform or not, knowing fully well that the health care system is broken and needs to be fixed?

     "The Congressional Budget Office says the GOP plan would cover 83 percent of eligible Americans, compared to the 96 percent the Dem plan would cover.", has appeared under a sub-headline in the media, and it definitely reminded people that the Republicans were not serious about any kind of change, or one that would be deemed as a truly universal coverage to have all citizens of the United States completely insured. 

Their "new" health care plan, therefore, should only be regarded as a prototype of what the big Insurance corporations have been, and were still, advocating, and it must be thrown back at them.


Hello guys; it has been a long time, since you won something for your favorite city, New York. The winning of the 2009 World Series title and the 27th baseball's highest trophy, have together been a moment that has elated the hearts, not just those of your fans, but those of the citizenry as well. 

It was hard work, defeating one of the best clubs in the history of the game, the Philadephia Phillies. Congratulations to the whole Yankee organization.

P.S. Hard luck, Philadelphia; you have to wait till next year.


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