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Updated on April 16, 2012

He or she must be the right candidate.

The people that the Republican Party is selecting to run on the same ticket with Mitt Romney, though he has not been nominated yet, are numerous.

There are names like Morco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal, to name just a few; but it seems like why they are chosen is not for what they really are, as being young and inexperienced. The actual motive is to find someone, who will pull in the vote, where it counts.

Like Marco Rubio, the Senator from Florida, who has emanated from a Cuban refugee parents to be an outstanding politician; and the purpose of him will be to attract the Latino vote.

Paul Ryan, a masterful young man, specializing in downsizing government expenditure to the point of reducing the costs of social programs, irrespective of who gets clobbered. Seniors and the poor, who depend on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid can expect to be penalized, by the reduction of the nation's deficit on their backs. He will bring in the white collar vote from Wall Street and places like that.

Chris Christie, fighting to wrestle power from the Trade Unions, particularly, teachers, who will lose most of the benefits they have had for many years. As governor of New Jersey, he promotes a-right-to-work policy in his state, and the unions can go to blazes. He will get non-union members and their sympathisers on his side.

Bobby Jindal, a Native American and governor of Louisiana will corral his group behind the Republican ticket, and he will be the choice of many aliens, who are aspiring to move up into upscale positions in American society. He will draw their vote.

Nikki Haley, governor of South Carolina will drive in the women's vote now a toggle between the Democratic and the Republican parties, with Hilary Rosen and Ann Romney at the center of the firestorm of working women and stay-at-home moms.

She, Haley, has mixed background too, and she can use that as a double pronged tool to pull in more votes for being on the ticket with her presidential running mate.

Underneath all that strategy, there is a kind of divisiveness that the Republicans are fomenting to gain their way to the White House; but are they going to win? That is the question, and it tends to be a damaging one.

That deep down in the hearts of people, the person that will be only a short breath from the president of the United States has to have the experience and know-how in governmental affairs, more than the usual.

Political novices and toddlers are not wanted as Vice-president; and therefore the personality of the individual to be selected must count, but he or she must also be able to step in the shoes of the president (so to speak).

That is what the Republicans have to look for, and not a tactic to divide and gain access to the Oval Office. It will do nobody any good, let alone the country.

America must unite to eliminate racism, and to stop infiltrators over its borders; and those, who are apt to destroy its culture of freedom and independence.

A person with that outlook is what the people need, and nothing else.


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