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Updated on June 2, 2012

All should chip in.

The dismal jobs report that came out yesterday, of as low as 69,000 jobs being created in May, has an undercurrent "that meets the eye," that part of the business sector was given to actions that were at variance with government policies. Whether that was in the best interest of any party, group or person, that could be anybody's guess.

With the Democratic Party hoping for progress in the recovery of the economy, the Republican Party was rooting for failure of President Barack Obama's efforts to breathe life into it (economy).

All was being done not only for political points, but also for partisan reasons, that as the economy faltered, momentum would swing to the Republican side in the 2012 campaign to elect a new president.

Yet, Americans would always remember that the present day economic crisis has been brewing from the previous Republican administration, and that a great deal of work was needed to be done to straighten it out.

Both parties, Democrat and Republican, have introduced legislation that would increase job creation, but they were all stranded in the United States Congress, and practically nothing was being done to bring them to the floor of both the Senate and the House of Representatives to advance them.

Even, if they were passed, as some of them have been, one chamber would reject a bill, which has had a majority vote in the other (chamber). As a result, the political see-saw continued.

President Obama has proposed some fertile plans that would create jobs and cut unemployment; and so has the Republicans passing bills in the House for the same purpose; but with Congress being dysfunctional by the traditional stalemate that existed between the two factions, Democrats and Republicans, all of those proposals and plans were in limbo.

That was when ordinary folks should come in to urge Congress to bring them to fruition, by reaching a compromise on at least some of those plans for them to be signed into law by the president.

They could do so by many means, such as making phone calls to their Congressional representatives, by emails and even by snail mail, asking them to finalize many of those plans that were pending.

Sometimes, members of Congress have to be pushed into action; and the present was such a time that people should do whatever in their power to get their Congressmen and women to wake up to a crisis that was detrimental to the nation's advancement.

The blame game and finger pointing should be put aside, when the country was in turmoil, with respect to a measly job creation report and an overwhelming rate of unemployment.

The parties would always have their philosophical and ideological differences; and there would be gridlocks and stoic opposition on both sides of the aisle, but the public could get in to exercise its influence for Congress to act one way or another in several instances, directly or otherwise.

If ever that should happen, this moment was it; that it was time for Congress to face up to the economic crisis, and to do its part in passing some of those bills that could put people to work presently.

Several outside events around the world were driving the world economy, and they have affected the U.S., and there was very little anybody could do about those events; however, when it came to the use of sheer encouragement, Americans should be able to get the phone numbers and email addresses of their Congressional representatives and asked them to compromise on certain issues for the sake of the nation.

They could not leave everything to the sitting president to handle. They, the people themselves must also act in order to face the reality their country was in. That was a responsibility ordinary citizens of the United States should respond to, right here and now, to avert further crisis in the future.


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