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Updated on July 14, 2016

Police Force

The word POLICE stands for Polite, Obedient, Loyal, Intelligent, Civilized and Education. The police force is a friend to the people within the country's territory. The police force is vested with internal power under the standing instructions of Home Ministry.

The police are deputed to maintain law and order within the country as per direction of the Ministry of Home and Affairs. The Inspector General of Police is the head of this force all over the country. They are directed to maintain law and order within the country specially as friends to the common people living in the country. They are supposed to be the most disciplined force working in the community of civilian people. People should help them counter the tricks of the criminals. They are bound to stand by people from all times to come and come what may. They are liable to their respective department. They also follow the instructions of Home Ministry. The officer-in-charge at every police station controls and deputes them here and there all over the police station area. They in the eye of existing law deal with people and save them from being illegally oppressed and exploited. People can take shelter under the safety and shadow of the police for their door is always open to people.

Against theft, burglary, decoity, kidnapping, unlawful events, oppression and illegal handling of the miscreants and criminals, the police force is ready to save and shelter the victims. In any danger, the innocent people of the country may receive help and a direct co-operation from the police. To check terrorism and crime the police force play an important role. The responsibility of protecting life and property of innocent citizens lies with the police. The police force is authorised to put anyone under arrest suspiciously under section 54, they can forward the arrested one to the court for trial and judgment. The arrested person has got no right to force or threaten the police under any circumstances. In accordance with the degree of crime, the police can beat him. But the police force cannot shoot anyone come what may without being directed by the high officials.

Some police officers are more or less corrupted. They are found making friends with the criminals of high order forgetting the oath they took after recruitment. They are friends not to the innocent people but to the criminals in practical. They are fully involved in taking bribe from people on a simple pretext. They have become more ferocious than the tigers or poisonous snakes. If the police force-do not get/become demoralized, they can find out criminals of high order within twenty four hours. Needless to mention, the police men on patrol duty especially in trouble prone areas or at night should keep extra vigilant regarding criminals for they very conveniently mix with the crowd and keep waiting for the night moment to strike. Many a time, the criminals serve their purposes in league with the police. They -set the arrested persons free in exchange of bribe. They give evidence in favour of the mar who can satisfy their hunger either in cash or kind. They car prepare report against an innocent fellow by taking bribe from the opposition. The smugglers get rid of being arrested following the same way.

Considering everything common, innocent and considerate people try heart and soul to keep themselves isolated from the police. Despite this the police roams about in search of the clients from whom they can earn two pics by playing tricks. When anyone goes to a police, he finds a golden opportunity to exploit him/her putting excuses or pretending the affair so grave or serious.

When the police week is observed throughout the country, they take an oath once again not to be disloyal, unruly not to take bribe in any case, tc respect the existing law of the land and to do good to the innocent people. But in fact, the responsibility clearly lies with police to dispel misgivings with efficient and effective law enforcement. They should overcome the crisis of confidence.

The police force all over the country are loyal, disciplined, lawful in name but not in reality. Due to the force of circumstance^ it becomes a need to do something unlawfully, but it is not an all time job for them. If the police force were punctual and dutiful being respectful to law. there would be no crime, violence, indiscipline public nuisance activity and any kind of alloplastic infringement on social values. The innocent and common people could live in peace. The nation and the land expect the police force to be of this nature.


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