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Updated on April 12, 2016


By Roger Lippman

Surprise! Surprise! The 9/11 issued report by the U.S. government running over 800 pages has 28 pages redacted as being too sensitive to release to the public according to our FBI. However conversations with members of Congress who were on the committee and those who read the full final report ( locked up and kept secret unless you have clearance to read but not copy it) have said that there are definite links to members of the Saudi government.

Readers of my prior Hubs know that I have frequently mentioned that the root of much of the terrorism in the world today stems from the Saudi Wahhabis religion. How did this happen and what do we know or should have known and more important what have our leaders done about it in the past and present?

I wont talk about the roots of Islam as it is in other Hubs I wrote so let’s get into specifics.

CBS 60 Minutes devoted a segment to a recent show to the report stating that a lawsuit by family members of the deceased victims of the World Trade Center bombing against the Saudi Government in the U.S. was quashed by our Supreme Court saying the Saudi Government has sovereign immunity in our courts here.

The Saudi Government cites one part of the published report stating that there is no known link between the terrorists and the Royal government as absolution from any culpability. However those know the contents of those redacted pages cite many examples of things pointing to various members of the Royal Family or government as being involved to some degree. Was the King personally involved? Nothing is known to point in that direction but there are others in official capacity who were.

For example we know that 17 of the 21 terrorists were Saudis and that two of them flew to California with no knowledge of the English language, no where to stay and were assisted by someone in the Saudi Embassy to find housing, well as English lessons and take flying lessons so they could crash the planes into the World Trade Centers.

Members of the Royal family were and are financially supporting terrorism and of course Religion is part of the every day fabric of life in Saudi Arabia and intermeshed with every thing they do. The fact That Wahhabis is ultra conservative and is State sponsored, helped to mold the minds of people in that direction.

Wahhabis is named after a preacher and scholar of the 18th Century who formed a pact with Mohammed bin Saud which cemented religion with eventual political control. It was Ibn Saud, aka King Abdulaziz in the early 1900’s who united Arabia as one country and started the Saud dynasty. The King is absolute ruler and custodian of the two holy mosques. Wahhabis is he only religion.

Wahhabis has been pointed to as a source of global terrorism which has inspired ISIS and the Islamic State of Iraq. Those who disagree with its teachings are branded apostates and can be executed. We also know this has led to destruction of artifacts and cultural buildings from various countries and spanning back several centuries.

When the United States came to the defense of Saudi Arabia during its conflict with Saddam Hussein, Americans protecting them were not welcome by much of the population as they were infidels on sacred soil. In fact, the reason that Bin Laden broke with the Saudi family, was over this issue and its refusal to allow Bin Laden to conduct the defense of Saudi Arabia against the Saddam.

It is also known that a terrorist attack at the American encampment in Saudi Arabia that was supporting it’s oil industry was done by people who did not want Christians in their country. In fact an investigation by the FBI after the killing of Americans was thwarted by the Royal family. It was not until later when Bin Laden went after Saudis themselves that they decided to cooperate with our FBI who had greater investigative techniques.

Immediately after 9/11 the skies in the U.S. were closed to all aircraft. There was one exception: a plane of Saudis’ that was allowed to leave for the middle east.

How is it that such a small country has had such a far reaching effect on the whole world and were we ever in a position to exert any influence to change it?

Franklin D. Roosevelt, our longest serving president, had many fine traits and helped us win World War 11. His realization that Hitler would be the enemy of not just Europe but America allowed him to take efforts to prepare and arm England in time of need before we were involved.

However on many points, he failed to see what was before him. One was with Josef Stalin and thinking that he could control Uncle Joe so he allowed Eastern Europe to be carved up into the Iron Curtain as Winston Churchill would later call it. It all fell to Stalin and led to decades of problems.

He also failed to see what a poor Field Marshall Lord Bernard Montgomery was and was convinced by many things Churchill said so he allowed Eisenhower to assign Montgomery much more prominence in the war effort. Montgomery’s plan to invade Germany from Scandinavia and his “Market Garden” involving troops from all our Allies was a catastrophe and led to lengthening the war; needed petroleum was cut off from General Patton who was already in Europe near the door of Germany. Also his efforts in Italy proved less than noteworthy.

However referring to the matters at hand, Roosevelt befriended King Ibn Saud because the world needed oil and he felt that he could influence the fanatic religious attitude of the Saudis. He asked the King to befriend Jews for example but the King had no such intention. In fact visas to enter the Kingdom for non believers was not changed until 2004 when they officially allowed non-Muslims but explicitly denied Jews until it was subsequently removed. However members of any other religion who visit are prohibited from practicing their religion in public.

Some time ago another TV report by Barbara Walters pointed out that Saudi Arabia still publishes books taught in all schools that attacks Jews. In addition to the books, it permeates in the media. Government efforts to crack down on the worst extremism got nowhere because of ingrained attitudes. Christians are not spared since Jews are called Apes and Christians are swine.

This attitude even prevailed after 9/11 when surveys done in Egypt showed college students under the influence of such teaching felt the entire terrorist event that occurred was done either by the U.S. CIA or Israeli Mossed.

So Roosevelt stuck out and did not pursue his efforts to get harmony because the world needed oil. But surely you say, future leaders of our government would fare better and understand where that fanatical attitude would lead?

The Bush family in the white house went just the opposite, after all They are an oil family and had been for a long time. So, they had very close relations with the Royal family—no matter what attacks were being made in books or the press. George was even shown hand in hand with his dear friend the King.

Bill and Hillary Clinton were given huge sums of money for their charitable foundation from the Saudi’s and were grateful and careful not to say anything negative about them.

We end with none other Than Donald Trump who has shouted he will make us stronger and protect us. Let’s see what he said at his town hall meeting talking to moderator Chris Matthews. While President Obama at least is trying to contain the spread of Nuclear weapons, except with Iran, Trump before answering Matthews question of whether and where he would spread more nuclear weapons should have known the following:

The middle east is exploding. Assad in Syria is killing everyone. He is aided by our ally Russia while at the same time Russia is supposedly fighting ISIS when they are not bombing those fighting ISIS and Assad.

Turkey is our ally but they are also busy fighting Kurds who are the only ones who are doing any effective job on the ground.

Obama delayed arming the moderates for several years until most went over to the ISIS side so we do not have many supporters.

Saudi Arabia is providing only moderate support since they do not think ISIS which after all comes from there, is a big deal. While we talk about a coalition on the ground to fight then, only the Kurds and the U.S. are dong it.

Israel is under pressure from Iran who continues to state they want to destroy Israel; very few, with the exception of our government, believe that Nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran will not be used by the religious fanatics controlling the government – Islam is a State Religion and the Ayatollah selects who can run the government which in effect reports to him. Regular vocal attack against the United States or Israel are not the exception but the rule. Moderation only goes so far. Weapons in their hands is like putting cookies in the cookie jar with kids watching.

Now we come to the answer given by Donald Trump. He suggested we also give nuclear weapons to Japan and South Korea and then when asked about Saudi Arabia, he said “sure”. His supporters can say he is not a politician or he will learn on the job but such total ignorance about the true situation in the Middle East and belief that as a great negotiator he can simply convince those people to do as he says is dangerous. All of this is happening in the backdrop of Russia delivering new long range missiles to Iran, Boing upgrading outdated planes in Iran and Saudi Arabia spending more on military and defense than the rest of the world. Frightening events.

The fact that The Democrats do not even want to use the name Islamic Terrorists is also frightening since they do not use history as a learning experience.N either candidate seems ready to address the international situation.

The lawyers for the victims of 9/11 want the redacted pages of the report declassified for all to read. Only the FBI wants to keep it secret. Members of the committee who wrote it want it declassified as well. It does not take a genius to see what has been going on. When the Saudi’s spread money around to support their religious values worldwide and indoctrinate young people for generations, it has consequences. We cannot fail to see it is extending worldwide. It is already happening.


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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 23 months ago from Auburn, WA

      This was not a huge revelation to me. I understand why it was redacted. We need a stable Saudi Arabia because the alternative is so much worse. But they need to stop throwing $$ at the problem and deal with their people. Very important topic. Thx.