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Updated on October 14, 2009

important matters

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid naturally has a whole lot on his political plate these days, dealing with the Health Care reform that has taken up the time of lawmakers more than any other issue, except perhaps the troop demand question to boost up forces in Afghanistan.

Yet, he took time out of his busy schedule to berate his own church, accusing it of "waste of church resources and good will" for its support of the successful Proposition 8 ballot measure in California last year, banning "homosexual weddings".

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, he brought up the topic in his office last week when he met with the organizers of the National Equality March, which took place over the weekend in Washington, D.C. He "felt it was harmful for the church to focus on such a divisive issue.", the report continued; he told those people in his office who represented the marchers and the homosexual community.

The majority leader as we all knew has had a liberal outlook all his life, and nobody would dispute that he could voice out his personal opinion on a myriad of topics; but this one called for a comment of his relationship with his church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and his support for homosexual rights, all at the same time.

The church's policy to oppose any move to recognize "same-sex marriage" was based on biblical teachings, and there was no way that it would ever deviate from that point, or else it would be a contradiction of its own beliefs as a church. One such pertinent belief was the fact that homosexuality was a "sin", and for the Senator to discourage his church in taking a stand to prohibit something that was sinful meant a whole lot of ambiguity on his part as a church member.

Of course, the issue was divisive, and it would always remain divisive, because there were those of us who believed that homosexuality was unproductive and repugnant; a behavior that was self-imposed by those who claimed it as a lifestyle. What others were objecting to was that lifestyle being flaunted in the public place and being made to look normal, which it was not; and that was where the Senator went wrong. He should see things with both of his eyes opened; that not all appreciated that lifestyle.

The nation wanted better things to come out of the Obama administration; an expectation especially of those who voted for him; and as majority leader of his (Obama's) party, the Senator should incline himself with more important matters.

In other words, accepting the flaunting of an abnormality should not be the Senator's preoccupation; it should be one of those non-expectancies of the government; and particularly as his own political future seemed precarious, judging from the low ratings in regard to his performance in the Senate, it would be advisable for him to stay away from controversies of that kind.

As a leader, he should concentrate on the "load on his plate" where it counted most, for the sake of all the people and not just a faction which was looking to impose a lifestyle on others who did not want it. The "issue" would not be divisive then


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