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Updated on December 6, 2011

A political joke, that is.

Most Americans will refuse to look at Donald Trump as a moderator of a debate, as the suggestion is circulating that he will be moderating the forthcoming GOP debate in Iowa.

They see him as a showman, and also a businessman, and it will be below his dignity to accept a job that was beneath the facade he is always presenting of himself.

They (Americans) have been bellyaching with laughter lately, because of the ups and downs in the Republican Party nomination race, in which there have been changes of front runners, starting with Perry and then Romney and then Cain and now Gingrich.

Cain has been branded by some women as a sexual predator, and that has forced him out of the race.

Now, it will be The Donald, who will be moderating a political debate. Some are saying it is just a bad joke, but he will be doing it anyway, as far as the news that is coming out is telling them.

Well, let us look on the other side of the coin, as the endorsements are coming in for Gingrich and Romney, and let us assume that one of them will win the Republican nomination. However, will either of the two men be a match for President Barack Obama?

He is quite young and energetic; and Gingrich has some political pundits saying that he is overweight. Romney too is slim and looks healthy, but his age is too much above that of the president.

The campaign for the 2012 presidential election will be tough and even gruesome; and the question arises, if they will be able to handle the pace of it, if either of them is pitted against Obama?

Age and weight will become detrimental, and on that score, neither of them will be a fitting contestant for the event.

Nobody is saying that age or weight must be made the criteria to disqualify, or to be made a determination of any kind; but with one person in the pink (although, that is not a report from the White House), and the others are not in the same category or bracket of physical fitness as the president, there will only be a mismatch.

Obama will win, hands down.

However, let us hope that all the candidates will be physically healthy in the coming year, so that whoever wins the presidency will be able to perform his duties effectively.

The whole country will be looking forward to that happening.


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    • PJ Jones profile image

      PJ Jones 6 years ago

      "Lets get physical" is better in a song. I believe mental health will serve better. If a candidate is agile in truth, I believe they can and will go the distance.