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Updated on January 27, 2012

Is he a natural or what?

Many people would have wanted Newt Gingrich to be president; but that was a long time ago, when he was Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

He had the chance to step in and assume the presidency, by virtue of his position, during the Clinton impeachment days; but not that he missed the opportunity, he just did not seize it.

He has been strong in the Republican Party nomination race, as his performances in the debates have shown; and it would not be a surprise for a whole lot of people, if he would be the party's nominee to challenge President Barack Obama in the forthcoming 2012 presidential election.

He has the intellectual ability, the staying power and the connections to be the nominee; and he was going to put all those qualities to work on his behalf, and so, no one should underestimate him in any way, shape or form.

He was a bit mellow in yesterday's debate in Florida; but as he knew the ins and outs of American politics like the back of his hand, he would spring up at the right time and become more impressive once again.

He has the communications skills that none of his rivals had; such as when he turned the tables over and made his opponent to answer a question inadvertently. It was when he was asked about the "ghetto" comment, and then Romney asked him about it again, instead of answering the question himself. He (Gingrich) answered the question and managed, somehow, to get the moderator, Wolf Blitzer, to agree with him; and then he in turn posed the same question to Romney.

Romney did very well there, because that was when he was supposed to be confused. He (Romney) gathered his composure and addressed the issue sufficiently. (Some would say that he was lucky to have seen the trick before hand).

Gingrich had answered that question with an additional information, that he was quoted out of context; however, in his opinion, everyone should learn the English language and be able to advance in life in America. He had confronted the issue twice just to bamboozle Romney.

That brings the question up that, is Gingrich the smartest politician in the country, not today or yesterday, but ever?

Paul and Santorum had known him for a very long time, and had been aware that the had always wanted to win in all circumstances; but should they become accustomed to that?

For, if they allowed him, he would take the nomination just like that; and they would not know whatever happened. Just by listening to his speeches, and his command of the English language, would make anyone to stand up and clap.

Obama and the Democratic Party membership would not take Gingrich for granted, if he should win the nomination race; because that was what he intended doing.

The Republican people in Florida, however, were on the look out for someone, who would be a match for Obama; and therefore they have a hard choice to make between Gingrich and Romney. They were their party's front runners; but even to choose from all four remaining candidates, would be a tug-of-war, because they were all good.

Next week's Florida primary would have the voters going for Gingrich or Romney or Santorum or Paul, for any of them deserved to be the Republican nominee. They were individually great at yesterday's debate.


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