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Updated on April 14, 2012

Must it be stricken down?

The Florida State "stand your ground" law or laws must have their reparations, as one could use them (or it) to kill another person and get away with murder.

It, and its subsidiaries, must be revamped immediately, as there has been no legal or civil explanation of how that law worked; and whether an investigation should or should not follow up on any type of incident involving that law.

Like George Zimmerman shooting the young African American, Trayvon Martin, dead; and then being allowed to "go home and take a bath", as nothing has happened after the shooting. That in itself was or should be against the overall Florida State laws.

In other words, the Sanford Police department should have detained him (Zimmerman) until he called his lawyer to get him out; but that did not happen, and a lot of people were still asking, why not?

The question about what took place that night begged to whether there was an actual meeting between Police Chief Bill Lee and state attorney Norm Wolfinger, with Zimmerman's family being present; and if so, what was it (meeting) all about?

Many were assuming that there was a collaboration at that meeting by the participants to let Zimmerman leave the precinct, not just because of the SYG law, but also the victim in the matter happened to be a minority.

If that should be the case, then Martin's civil rights were violated right there and then; and though, the DOJ has been called in to find out if that was so, the special prosecutor should also extend her investigation to include that "meeting".

Angela Corey is said to be extremely competent, and there is no doubt that she may have her hands full with the case itself, she will also look into the circumstances that connected the police chief, the state attorney and the Zimmerman family.

She can then make it part of the whole or a section of Martin's death, if there is a trial.

Of course, there will be a trial, as there are too many signs about the shooting that any judge hearing the charge of second degree murder against Zimmerman in the preliminaries will opt for one (trial).

Corey will then have more material to substantiate her charge, and she will bring forth the idea that, throughout that night, Zimmerman is being privileged over her deceased client, Trayvon Martin, who happens to be the victim; and if so, why?

If that law, or laws pertaining to the SYG ordinance are not stricken down as soon as possible, the Zimmerman defense lawyer, Mark O'Mara, who is also allegedly very smart and a "seasoned criminal defense attorney", will take advantage of it, and make the case to become short lived, and with his client being acquitted.

He, O'Mara, even says in an interview that "Trial Won't Happen In 2012". Meaning that he will request as much time for Zimmerman's defense. That is another way of saying that he is prepared to wait till the firestorm surrounding the case dies down before he can proceed.

So, it will now be the responsibility of Gov. Rick Scott, the governor of the State of Florida, to review that particular law and decide to remove it from the state's legal system.

Legal experts are saying even if he does, the defense will use it anyway; but then a judge can also rule that it is out of the books and render it ineffective.

The Martin family must brace for a tough trial, when it should take place, between two resilient attorneys, who knew their trade really well, as there could be a tug of war for them, when it came to winning.

Meanwhile, the "stand your ground" law must also continue to be on trial in the court of public opinion.


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