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Updated on September 17, 2012

These were hard times for all Americans; so fairness should thread through what we do and say.

The Sunday talk show panels of critics, strategists, contributors, political pundits, etc., were on TV and in other branches of the media again, as it was witnessed on the Internet just as well, on Sunday, yesterday; with their "Monday morning quarterbacking" commentaries to address the uproar in the Muslim world, but with one glaring omission, which was the video that allegedly denigrated and mocked Muhammad and Islam.

One could not believe that they completely or deliberately ignored the reason for the commotion in North Africa, the Middle East and many parts of the world, as they would discuss United States foreign policy, leadership in the country, or the lack of it, and how the attacks on U.S. embassies and consulates have come about, and the way they were being handled by the governments in Egypt, Libya and other places where demonstrations were going on.

If one was willing to wait for the real reason to come out of the mouth of even one person on any of those panels, one would have held one's breath in vain; but what they (panels) were looking to do was to place fault on the Obama administration instead; though, all of them knew why or what those demonstrators were out there in force for; and that was to protest against the said video.

However, if one was not careful, and also from the nature of what the panel members were talking about, one would think that the U.S. government had officially done some awful deed to enrage the demonstrators, rather than a video; yet, the fact of the matter was that the Obama administration was as a by-stander as anyone else, and that it (administration) was taken by surprise, that such a monolithic and violent reaction would come out of an issue as benign as a movie, made in the U.S.A.

One must admit, this was not a regular piece of film or movie; it was one regarding the spiritual beliefs of over 1.2 trillion people of the world's population. The world's population being 7 trillion, they (Muslims) mathematically formed a large portion of it.

In other words, the Muslim outcry was not about U.S. foreign policy; no, not at all. It was about their religion and the personage of their religious leader and founder of their faith, Muhammad. Yet, that was not what the Sunday panels were portraying.

Almost all the negative comments during the shows, were, however, directed against the U.S. government, and for what, nobody could tell; except that they were using the opportunity to berate Obama in an election year for political points. He was running for reelection against Mitt Romney, the Republican Party candidate, in the 2012 presidential election. So, the chance to point out his failures was here; "Let's use it", panel members were saying, almost in unison.

The panels had mentioned Romney once in a while, but not to put him in the same corner as Obama; and some of the members would pretend that he (Romney) was almost a novice or an innocent individual, when it came to what was going on in the Muslim world; though, they were aware that he had made some derogatory remarks about the situation, previously, but he was allowed to go scot free.

Obama's leadership was not made a political fodder exactly; yet, it took some beating and criticism of why there was hardly any hint or indication of an attack on the consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

In fact, many people wanted to have the panels to speculate that the Benghazi attack was different from the demonstration in Cairo, as that (consulate attack) looked like one planned to coincide with the September 11th, 2001 attacks' 11th anniversary.

From one perspective, the other demonstrations around the globe were rather spontaneous, as people came out to show their outrage on the video in question, and some became violent as a result of coming face to face with security forces of their own governments, deployed to protect U.S. embassies and consulates.

The other point of view was that the Benghazi raid on the consulate had all the signs and symbols of al Qaeda accompanying its operation and outcome, as it seemed like the people involved would have had some information about Ambassador Chris Stevens' visit to the outpost in that particular time frame. His usual station was in Tripoli, the capital of Libya. That made that attack more strange.

If so, then the intelligence community would bear some responsibility for the attack, as circumstances in Libya would have given away a few pertinent clues that would raise some suspicion to alert its members stationed there; like ambushes on diplomatic personnel, cars and entourages or of pseudo military activities, or any type of incident similar to those, in that area.

That was what the Sunday panels could have concentrated on, and to deduce that, if that was the case, then it was a direct raid on a U.S. consulate, resulting in the killing of the Ambassador and three other Americans, and therefore, it was premeditated murder of four diplomats committed by whoever that was responsible. They (panels) would be making a case for the U.S. for a change.

The burden to fish for the perpetrators of such atrocity would be for the new government in Libya to undertake; and when they (perpetrators) were caught, they would be extradited to face justice in a U.S. court of law, because of where those killings took place, as the consulate grounds were diplomatically considered as part of the U.S.

The hope of many Americans would be that the Obama administration would pursue that cause of action in its deliberations with the Libyan government; and the families of those that died would gain some solace from knowing that their loved ones have not been victims of chance, and those that have done the killings have been dealt with accordingly. They (families) would appreciate the U.S. government going that route to deal with the killers.

Likewise, it would be symbolic of the pride that the country held for those serving in the diplomatic community, and also to cherish the memory of those who were killed; as an indication that they have not died in vain.

Yet, needless to say that none of the panels came close to touching on the subject of those Americans who have met their deaths in the tragedy that had taken place on the consulate in Benghazi, Libya; or very little was said relatively to that attack.

They (Sunday panels) have been preoccupied with politics, as they were trying so hard to find blame; and to fault this person or that person; but they have nearly forgotten about the four men, who have perished by putting their lives on the line in a remote and faraway corner of the world on behalf of all Americans. It was sad to draw that kind of conclusion about them (panels), but there was a great deal of evidence that their objective was not to search for true answers.

Their aim was to expand the issue, and to add more reasons at the root of the demonstrations to condemn the Obama administration, as the one (reason) about a movie ridiculing Muhammad was not enough.

They (panels) were an important part of the American political system; but they must try and be a little less disingenuous on what they decided to comment on, and how they did so, to give some sense of equilibrium to the issues that were of interest to readers, listeners and viewers, who also were voters.

To devise a way to influence them (voters) was rather dishonest, on the part of those panels; but that was exactly what they were doing. Besides fueling an already volatile situation that was getting out of hand around the world, they were "adding salt to injury" for the Obama administration to get hurt, even more so, at a time when it needed the cooperation of all Americans.

Wake up, Sunday Talk Show panels.


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