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Updated on September 8, 2014

Larger than life.

The Moon's orbit gets closer
to the Earth and thus causes
the human eye and mind
to see the Moon differently.

It (Moon) has grown bigger
than normal; and so it has become
"Super Moon", named so by the
media; both print and electronic.

However, it isn't the Moon that
has grown in size; it is its path that
brings it to another proximity from
the Earth, changing its volume.

For it is the same Moon that has
been orbiting the Earth for a myriad
of centuries, if not more; as other
planets are designed to do.

Yet, its position, depending on where
it is in its revolution (orbit), alters it
for the human eye and mind. It is not
that the Moon is magical in any way.

It is Mother Nature doing what it does
best in outer space; and so, to deduce that
just one planet has magic to it reduces
the power of the Universe; hence, Creation.



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