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Updated on September 1, 2011

How it started.

We all knew how the Tea Party group came about. Right from the start of the Obama administration, some members of the Republican Party in the U.S. Congress, begun to object to the government's spending expenditures.

Large sums of money were quoted as being part of the budget for social programs, and that started people to question President Barack Obama's intention, which was taken as "spreading the wealth".

In socialism, money would be taken from the rich and given to the poor, and it would be done through free programs like food stamps and such. That, presumably, was his (Obama's) avowed plan to change society..

So, when a video appeared on FoxNews, of scores of lines being formed to collect money in Detroit, the idea of stopping that cropped up almost from nowhere; that part of the socialist agenda of the Obama government was being put in place for African Americans, particularly, to receive free money, either by means of Welfare, or just by getting into a line to get it, on any given day.

The video certainly aroused a great deal of frustration in the political arena, and ordinary working folks, who were struggling to make ends meet became agitated, as the outcry of "spending, spending, spending" was coming from no less a place than the U.S. Congress.

It was within that period that the Tea Party group was born, not in the U.S. House of Representative, but from among the members of the public, who thought that a program of predominantly black people getting freebies was wrong.

So, when the fall elections of 2010 came around, the Republicans gained the House of Representative through the anger and frustration that people felt.

If one said that one was a Tea Party member running for Congress, almost everybody, who did not want the "spreading of wealth" to go on would vote for one.

People did not realize that Social Security benefits, Medicare and Medicaid were part of the national budget, and the "spending" by the Obama administration, was not included in the list of the above mentioned entitlements.

They thought that the administration was embarking on a separate arrangement to get money to go to poor people from the taxpayer; and so, they would vote the Democrats out and replace them with those, who were liable to redirect that money, which was being lavishly spent on African Americans or blacks, back into the revenue.

The video, by all indications, demonstrated that freebies were being extended, in the main, to black people by an administration that was headed by a black person.

Such a step was discriminatory, and ordinary people would not stand for it; hence, the formation of the Tea Party group.

Also, racism could have played a part in resisting and eventually curbing any program that focused on, or targeted one race only; however, who could tell?

By the way, it (Tea Party) is not a movement; it is "a group" of people wanting to change the direction of government spending.


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    • American View profile image

      American View 6 years ago from Plano, Texas

      While there is no doubt that welfare has grown many times over under Obama, and it is true he is despearly trying to turn the US into a socialist society, I have to disagree with your version of how the Tea Party was formed. The Tea Party is against over spending, does not want to see tax increases, in fact want to see some decreases, and they want a smaller government. THey Tea Party began as a very small grass roots organization. It was started by blogger and conservative activist Keli Carender. She wanted everyone in Febuary 2009 to send a Tea Bag in the mail to Protest several new taxes and the increase in the budget. It was picked up by a radio show host and it went viral. The first real major organized event occured in NY. Trevor Leach, chairman of the Young Americans for Liberty in New York State organized a "Tea Party" protest in response to "obesity taxes" proposed by New York Governor David Paterson, and out-of-control spending. Several of the protesters wore Native American headdresses similar to the band of 18th century colonists who dumped tea in Boston Harbor to express outrage about British taxes. The movement grew from there. To say they were formed in protest of "predominantly black people getting freebies" degrades why they started and why they grew.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 6 years ago from America

      20 million on welfare when Bush left Over 50 MILLION thanks to Obama!