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Updated on January 3, 2012

A vote from the heart issue.

The eyes of all Americans are on Iowans this morning, as they are voting in the caucuses there to test the political winds blowing over the United States at this very moment.

It is a fact that the occasion is one devoted to the Republican Party's agenda to nominate a candidate, who will challenge President Barack Obama in this year's general election; but the direction of the votes there can also be seen as the temperature of how the people feel, with respect to how things are going for the country.

The caucuses offer Iowans the opportunity to be frank and fair, and not to say that one party has come to their state to spend millions of dollars there and therefore they will just be one sided and favor that party alone.

It cannot be emphasized more that the presence of the Republicans there has boost the economy in the state, as hotels and restaurants are full to the brim each and every night.

The cash registers of businesses are ringing non-stop, and entrepreneurs are counting their profits and wanting the situation to stay like that throughout the year, if need be.

In short, business is booming all around, and Iowans do appreciate the candidates and their entourage being there.

However, that must not be the only reason to sway them, or the speeches of the candidates that are naturally biased against the Obama administration, no matter how one slices them. They (candidates) must not be seen as sharing their view from an independent stand point; for they are solely there to fight for themselves first, to clinch their party's nomination.

In that wise, they will say whatever that they think necessary to promote their personal image, and convince the people that, each individual in the group is better than the next person; but we all know that cannot be true.

They have their weaknesses and failures in life as everyone else, but they are going to hide their warts and present themselves as Saints without blemish. It must be obvious that they are not there just for the sake of criticizing Obama per se; they are also there to damage any progress that his administration is making and continues to make both at home and abroad.

As the media are our witness, the last three years have been full of drama; and with the country fighting in two wars, their costs will saddle the government expenditure by all means. That will cause a chain reaction, from saving and creating jobs through programs that will help senior citizens with prescription drug prices, and 12 million alien immigrants, who want to be given the right to stay in the country.

The Arab spring and its fallout, and other issues, such as Iran wanting to undermine the International effort to stop nuclear proliferation, and the Euro currency problems that have crippled many countries.

The financial situation in Europe has escalated from day to day, and has caused even Greece, a sublime and peaceful nation, to be a tinder box for extreme violence; and to say the least, all that will eventually mess up the home economy of the U.S.

Partisan squabbles have made the U. S. Congress unstable, particularly, as the Republicans beguiled the voters to give them control of the House of Representatives. The tea party revolution, as it has come to be called, has nothing in mind, but to aim at removing the first African American president from power. Congress has been dysfunctional and gridlocked ever since.

So, Iowan voters have a lot on their plate this day; but one thing they must do is to try and waver from party politics, and use their hearts to vote for the candidate, who will put the country first in all things.

Their (candidates') promises are superficial, and they must not be what the Iowans are voting for.


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