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The Priceless Cost Of Parenthood

Updated on June 7, 2015

Responsible Parenthood

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Responsible Parenthood (by:Albert Gran)

As a husband and a father of 3 kids, it’s always my craving to give at least an inch of hope for my family in all my labor each day. Life is so difficult especially when a bread winner invested most of his time for finding provisions. As a parent, my satisfaction at times was centered when I can fulfill my role in providing the family’s basic needs. However, a parent’s role does not only regard in the material provisions for family’s material concern. There must be something a parent’s role must be akin to the most important aspect for the development of his children’s personalities through proper care and nurture.

A father must recognized the truth that he has in need to also spare time for the kids and wife or in general the entire members of the family This is also a similar truth how mother takes care her family. In spite of the concerns in the acquisition of material things through which most of their time were spent, parents must not forget their role to give time to the children to nurture them and give life’s advice.

Every father and mother needs time to talk to their kids and ask about their intimate needs and concerns. This is how parents at times must think about how to show affection for them. Intimate bonding between children and parents is mutually reflected based on the fact how each family member intimately share and hear each others concern.

Children’s training of showing affection and developing character values is one of the greatest concern for parents. Material aspects were just portion of the parents’ concern in doing their respective roles for parenthood.

Perhaps you heard stories that there are many rich parents who were not successful in their children. Many parents at times did not spend time to talk to their kids, consult their every day whereabouts, and even monitor their scholastic progress. Their nurturing failure end up many children’s behavioral problems. Many children dare ask people’s attention and thus many do harsh things which are detrimental in the society because they need true attention.

Many children sometimes would cause to hurt and inflict others just to get their attention. It’s the parents’ role to motivate their kids and develop their character values at home. Parents also must not think of giving all their nurturing or disciplinary role as a matter of the school personnel’s concern only. Parents should act as a true molder and developer of life and character at home. Treat your children with due respect same as how each parent’s great grandparents showed their best performance of norturing to achieve life’s goals.

We must all remember that the number one person of whom children must trust and approach confidently in order to share their concerns are the parents. Spending quality time to talk to children is the best thing to do for every parent even how tight is his schedule. Initiate an attempt how your children will start to share their problems openly. It’s a role inviting each others mutual love to show passion to love and care for each other. Parents must not yell their children even during busy times when children attempt to ask time for short while bonding.

When parents detected that kids had longed to be with them, then pause for a while and leave the job shortly and give it to kids. Do not forget to initiate asking a very personal question to let the kids start to share openly their concerns. If there are home works which seem too difficult for your kids to do then spare time to even help your children and let them understand how to accomplish it. Don’t also fail to ask what experiences they had from school especially the on going development of their school activities and learning situations. Be concern to ask your kids about their learning interests especially in matters of their learning subjects, parents, and teachers.

Parents must always recognize that the best concern they gave to their kids is the priceless cost of an ideal parenthood. Being concern to mold simple minds in the kids world is the biggest matter in building true characters of children. These are concerns and affection to serve other people when they grow up. It’s all because of the concerned and caring parents who felt and understood how love pushed them to show regard the role of molding lives in the family to be peaceful and loving in the society.

Remember, “Developing a personality who would soon care to others started with parents who understood their role and readily provide good motivation of care to their children”.

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Fresh Thoughts From A Parent

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