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(14) The Truth...the Whole Truth & Nothing but Government Cover-ups!

Updated on April 14, 2019


After writing thirteen chapters of a strong foundation of relevant information about me and these spiritual occurrences that were transpiring, I will go to the 'worldly.' If you have been keeping up chapter to chapter than you understand the huge rabbit hole I fell into after saying that sorrowful prayer in Las Vegas.

For those who are naysayers of God and the devil, I would like to introduce to you the earthly documentation and what many would call the rational and logical part of my story. Whether you believe it or not, I am a very rational and logical person, so you can imagine that the manifestations of all of these supernatural experiences really took me for a spiraling spin.

When I tell you that there is no way that I could ever deny this spiritual war after what I have seen, that is the truth. Imagine sitting alone and getting punched in the face by nothing that can be seen. If you look in the mirror and you are bloody and you know that you are of a sane mind and you didn't punch yourself...what would you think it was? What if it happened over and over as well as in front of others and they too witnessed it. What would your logical assessment be then? My logical assessment is that there is a spiritual war among us that most people can not see with the physical eye but indeed exists.


Many of you may have overlooked much of this story due to the word God used too many times. Others are just non-believers of everything that is of truth. As I have stated, "You can believe or not believe. Free will is always your choice. Many have asked for 'proof' of God's existence as well as the devil and they will receive such proof at the Lord's appointed time. You can't get any better than this testimony. Your head start is right here in this series!

Many people have been church hurt by the "Religious" and I do understand and you do have my sympathy. I as well have stayed far away from these religious type of people due to twisted religious garbage attempted to be forced down my throat as a child. I never ate one bite of it and even as a child I knew religion was a farce. Unfortunately I threw Jesus out with the Religion and He has nothing to do with religion. This is what makes this story so amazing to me and it is crazy amazing! As for hanging with the 'religious' people now seven years later? Not a chance. They are just as mean as they were before I met Jesus and that is now their problem not mine. I am just here to tell the story God asked me to write.

It is not a conspiracy if it is the Truth!

"The truth is more bizarre than any lie I could make up about this story!" Another of my favorite lines. "It is not a conspiracy if it is the truth."

Twig and I spent an abundance of time together when he arrived at my house and we talked often about a million topics. During one of our late night talks we seemed to have shared an unknown commonality. We were both ex-military enlisted but different forces.

We both agreed that we loved our American soldiers but that we didn't trust the government any longer due to our own horrible personal experiences. I briefly shared my story of the disgusting things that I had experienced and endured while serving. The pure lies and corruption turned my stomach so badly that I refused to even vote any longer once I got out.

I acknowledged at a very young age that it didn't quite matter what an American person thought or how they voted and that it was the same with the military people. The 'higher' ups ran the show and they deemed what was the truth and the majority of the time it was a lie. They didn't care about truth. If you spoke the truth they would only remind you that you were government property and that you should do as they say even if it was corrupt. Free-thinkers and altruistic patriots would surely struggle seeing such things, just as our soldiers are struggling today due to the corruption. Suicide is running rampant now because of strange vaccines they give them as well as having to live the 'lie' that was brushed with pretend truth when they joined.


As we continued to converse we realized that we were both in the service when the Beirut attack happened. This terrorist attack killed so many of our men. I was in basic training, bootcamp and Twig was stationed in Virginia.

Suicide bomber killed 241 American troops in barracks
October 23, 2008

Former Navy journalist Joe Ciokon of Poway was sleeping next door to the Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, that were hit by a suicide bomber. After scrambling to locate survivors, he was ordered to take up his camera and record the scene.

A suicide bomber steered a truck loaded with the equivalent of six tons of TNT down the airport road in Beirut, Lebanon. He plowed into the four-story barracks where more than 300 U.S. troops from a U.N. peacekeeping mission slept and detonated what the FBI called the largest non-nuclear bomb in history. The explosion and fireball pulverized the concrete fortress, killing 241 U.S. service members, most of them Marines. A second blast minutes later at the compound of the French peacekeeping force killed 58 more Western troops. Three months later, President Ronald Reagan pulled the Americans out of Beirut.

Twig and I sat conversing about this attack when Twig's voice sounded really strange. I believe it sounded like a man who was trying not to cry. "I want to show you something," he said, pulling up the back of his Harley shirt.

I stared at his lower back which was dented in and chunks and pieces of his flesh were now missing but healed. "What the heck happened?" I inquired. I was stunned by what I had just seen. "Something exploded. I got shot and I didn't even know I was hit at the time until I saw all of the blood! Lots of blood."

"What the heck were you doing in Virginia that would have gotten you shot?" I asked amazed at what he was telling me.

Pull Back The Curtain

Phone Call Please Pick Up

Lies & Deception

"I wasn't in Virginia! I was in Beirut. They woke us up one night quite a long time after this attack happened and we got flown over to Beirut. I did the collecting of people on lists." Twig sat quietly and I heard him gulping back tears. He ended this specific conversation that evening by saying one more sentence that truly made me understand what we were dealing with when we arrived in Montana.

"If you look in my miltary file, it will show that I have never been out of Virginia."

Was I surprised? No. I have seen it all in my lifetime so nothing surprises me any more. Even this situation with this Nazi in the United States is not surprising. I keep hearing these words-Transparency to the United States Citizens and I am laughing my buttocks off! Please people wake up. This has been going on in front of our noses for years and years.

Come on people wake up! Ring Rng! Ring Ring! Truth is calling! It is time to Pick up! Pick up! Pick up!

In many of our other conversations I surely did understood why he didn't feel worthy of God and why he felt that God would not forgive him. I realized after listening to his many of his stories of violent bloody aftermaths that my poor, sweet friend Twig had much more crosses and burdens to carry than I was fully aware of.

Anyone who thinks that these things don't happen better wake up to the real world. The real world of lies, where everything is an illusion and everything is meant to look just the way it should for you to behold. If you have the real guts that it takes, pull back the magical curtain and take off those rose-colored glasses you are wearing. You may see the truth even if it is only for that second.

Many of you may be too frightened by what you see and you will snatch those glasses back up and super glue them to your face. This is no lie. It is that dire and that dark behind the fake, bloody red curtains of illusion.


I am far from stupid and far from crazy. I have a strong spiritual foundation to rest my soul on but let me tell you brothers and sisters that I see reality, know reality and I understand reality in truth. I see truth in full technicolor! I do not have the liberty to live in ignorance any longer and there are no rose colored glasses available for me!

Yes my friends, these things that I speak of occur more often than you would like to believe and they occur in governments all over the world. I am not shocked by this in any sense of the word.

I am well aware by this time in my life that any incident that anyone in high power wants to hide, conceal, suppress will happen and there is nothing much you can do about it. These type of people have the gene pool split of Houdini, Santa Claus and Charles Manson and there is nothing much you can do about that either!

Why not?

Because they can authenticate anything they want to. They can make fake passports, fake identifications, fake birth certificates and fake death certificates, fake fingerprints and also make fake military records. They can make new records (pretend ones) and they can bleach out old records and add new lies as facts to old records. They can call in fake tips and produce fake suitcases stuffed with really old original documents. They can pay someone big money to place that very suitcase in hiding places of some couple's old run down hotel in Cairo and that suitcase can be expected to be found many years later. Voila!

Heim Did Not Stay In This Dump!

The Slum Hotel in Cairo Where SS Nazi Dr. Death did not stay!

How interesting that the slum hotel where they found the 'suitcase' was a money maker to that couple who owned that dump in Cairo. So why is it that all of a sudden this married couple who was so happy to open their doors to the public allowing everybody to come inside and see where the infamous 'Dr. Death' lived (for a fee of course) is now screaming to "Go away! Go away! Go away!" Now why do you want people to go away? I know why.

It is possible that this couple is acting quite similar to the Mossad that claimed that he and his crew of three executed Dr. Death in the Catalina Islands? He committed suicide after he saw the truth from that "little internet story that revealed Dr. Death was still alive and they had lied." Poor dear, he couldn't take the heat from the truth.

Yes, this frightened little couple in Cairo was probably paid a good fortune to keep that suitcase and sell that story by the powers that be behind the red curtain. Now they don't want the attention. Too late. You took the money and lied and now you will be found to be the liars you both are. Well that is if the 'powers that be' don't kill you off before you can talk. Poor dears. The greed of money certainly does some very bad things to people dontchathink?

Scars & Deception

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For those who have wisdom 666 66645666266633 Victory!
For those who have wisdom 666 66645666266633 Victory!
For those who have wisdom 666 66645666266633 Victory!

Aribert Heim and Infamous Scars

Scars-Aribert Heim's scars--Interesting.
Scars-Aribert Heim's scars--Interesting. | Source
Same scars...coincidence?  Enhanced pixels of the skin DO NOT LIE--scars! All of them are there!
Same scars...coincidence? Enhanced pixels of the skin DO NOT LIE--scars! All of them are there! | Source


The members of the 'Houdini-Santa Claus and Charles Manson boys club' are quite ingenious. They are good at producing fakes and forgeries of the most unimaginable things and they can pull them out of a hat whenever they choose. They can place them on the internet, in the White pages, even in official documents. They can make these things happen at anytime and they have the big money to buy big favors from the higher ups and even from the lower level people who can only wish to be 'higher up.'

They are also able to manipulate very easily those who are financially broke as well as spiritually broke. When all else fails they even have a way of changing executive orders so that even INTERPOL doesn't have to answer to anyone.

They have the ability to do all of these things to cover up the truth and who is able to stand up to them? Who is able to discredit them?

What did you say you have that can discredit these things you accuse us of? You have the truth? You have ONLY the truth to offer? Just the truth? I am sorry but the truth is not enough to win against The Houdini-Santa Claus-Charles Mansion scary fairy dust!

Insert their evil laugh and uncontollable giggling here -----> ________

Sorry but you and the truth are screwed!

They have now wiped your background clean and given you a new name, a new age, a new life, a new wife, a social security number and they may even throw in some fun stuff about you just for shit's and giggles. Wowie! You mean I can pretend I am a fighter in the military now? You mean I can make up attention getting military stories that never happened? You mean I can pretend to be a veteran and veteran license plates for my car that trace back to nowhere as if they are non-existent? I can even be a Nazi and receive the American people's social security money that was intended for them?

Oh the stories in person were almost as good as the pretend 'obituary' with all of the war stories and errors in it. What a load of crap that was but it sure was funny! A narcissist in life and a true narcissist even in your 'pretend death.'

"Come on over, we got booze, we got women. I got hit by bullets exploding into my arm and chest!"

Now remember that if you allow Houdini-Santa Claus and Charles Manson to save you with their scary-fairy dust, you must always remember your hogwash stories and please stay consistent and please do not show your arm and chest that bare no scars of your fabulous hogwash stories or people such as I won't believe you.

You say I can pretend to be a pilot also? I can be an Engineer also? And if I have infamous scars that may identify me I can be wowed with a backwoods surgery and many shots of silicone and collagen into my nose and chin, just enough to alter that "most wanted aged enhanced photograph of me?!"

Whhhhhooooooooooo Whhhhoooooooooooooo! Sign me up!

The American People Are Being Lied To!

The quickest and most effective thing that they seem to do when too many people start to speak out about the truth? What do they do to rule out any type of suspicion on themselves? They scream FIRE and point their bony, wicked, evil finger to another place. While you are running for the extinguisher, they are busy erasing, shredding and placing fake stories, fake dated documents and false teacher pensions on-line and getting their ducks in a row.

To think that someone may have entertained the audacity to speak up about the truth? They quickly scream out! "Crazy-delusional-bipolar-antisocial-psychotic" and most of the uniformed people, the millions who are medicated with prozac-thorazine-anti-depressants and God knows what else will look away from their television set for only that sheer second. They will stupidly say "Uh hum, dat person is crazy," and then go back to the boob-tube to watch more dancing with the stars.

Yes, I must tell you that I am crazy. I am crazy like a fox. What does this term 'Crazy like a fox' mean? This terminology implies the very opposite. The individual who is referred to as crazy is not crazy at all but rather cunning like a fox. This word is used when one appears to be 'crazy' but is acting with a hidden motive in a cunning way-thus the reason for my story. "Crazy like a fox" just seems so fitting. I am as 'wise as a serpent but as harmless as a dove.' Well it depends on how you define 'harmless' through God's eyes. wink-wink.

How long will you suppress this information and the attempt I make to inform the people? I often wonder how long it will take before you are able to discontinue my story, ban it, swipe it clean as you have with my computer documents? You don't dare because you have already met me in person and you do know how bold I am and you are aware that I do not fear you! If you were smart you would fear God and realize that this story is true.


Operation Paperclip was the code name for the 1945 office of Strategic Services, Joint Intelligence, Objectives Agency, recruitment of German scientists from Nazi Germany to the U.S. after VE Day.

President Truman authorized Operation Paperclip in August 1945; however he expressly ordered that anyone found "to have been a member of the Nazi party and more than a nominal participant in its activities, or an active supporter of Nazi militarism" would be excluded.


Under this criterion many of the scientists recruited would have been ineligible. These included Wernher von Braun, Arthur Rudolph and Hubertus Stughold, who were all officially on record as Nazis and listed as a "menace to the security of the Allied Forces." All were cleared to work in the U.S. after having their backgrounds "bleached" by the military; false employment histories were provided, and their previous Nazi affiliations were expunged from the record. The paperclips that secured newly-minted background details to their personnel files gave the operation its name.

Unlocked Doors


Twig and I eventually returned back to Billings, Montana, after picking up my vehicle in Las Vegas and making another drive back. I turned the key and I was delighted to be at my new home. My happiness lasted five seconds when I looked over at the other door and realized that it was unlocked, both top and bottom lock were open.

"You got to be kidding me!" I yelled. "All of my private paperwork, belongings, checkbooks everything in here and anything could have been stolen!" I looked around and I realized that all of my items had been gone through. Everything was rummaged through. I was good and plenty mad and I was too tired to see what or if anything was missing. A knock on the door stopped my tantrum...briefly.

It was the sweet old man, inquiring if we needed anything. I tried to be most pleasant, gritting my teeth as I said, "The back door locks were both left open and I know I locked them when I left two weeks ago. Someone who has keys was in here."

My anger did not affect him in the least. He was not moved by any emotion of others. As a matter of fact he acted as if he could have cared less.

"Oh, it was us. I am the only one with the keys. We just came down a few minutes ago to make sure the heat and everything were running for you. You don't have to worry about locking doors. It is safe here. It is not Las Vegas and please don't lock the bottom locks on the doors. There is no need for it. You got strong upper deadbolts anyways."

I just stared at him in silent disbelief. Don't lock the bottom lock on the two doors? I was a bit aggravated with his careless and carefree attitude about my items and my privacy. I was not mistaken when I say that all of my private belongings had been rummaged through. I was a bit disappointed with him as I acknowledged that it had been him nosing around in my things! How dare him!

I was not happy about this deduction but I said nothing to him. I didn't want to hurt the feelings of a very old man who was probably just protecting himself and his wife from strangers. I closed the door and snapped the locks loudly behind him and I could have cared less of what he'd thought. I locked both doors top to bottom each and every time I left the home regardless of 'his' wishes.

"Who the hell in there right mind tells someone to not to bother locking the bottom locks on a door?" I barked at Twig.

"Yeah that was kind of weird and it was probably him that went through your things." I agreed with Twig and I desperately tried to find a reason for it.

"Well I am from Las Vegas and you look like a convict and he never had me fill out an application or rental policy or background check," I rattled off in one breath. "Okay he is very old and it must be scary living in a world like this now a days. Maybe he looked through my items to make sure that I was 'who I said I was.'

I accepted that this nice old man possibly may have gone through my items due to fear and nothing more. I let it go....well that is until the doors kept being found unlocked when I returned home for the next four months. He was not only letting himself into my apartment but he was still rummaging through my items as well as taking things. It never ended. What the heck is he looking for? Strange really.

The dryness of the air ripped my purse apart?

After only a few days living in our new apartment Twig and I arrived home to find the door unlocked again! I was confused, angry and I felt violated again. I had marched back to my bedroom closet to put some money back into my stash. It was a tiny brand new purse that I had bought in Las Vegas. I was stunned when I pulled it down from the closet.

The liner was ripped out of the purse and pushed back in. One of the sides was actually flipped over and tucked down. Whoever did this never even bothered to straighten it back up. My wad of $400.00 in bills was still there in the tiny pocket. There is no way that anyone could have missed this. The blood drained from my face as I stepped out into the living room to show Twig.

"Who the hell is doing this? They bypass an expensive computer? They leave $400.00 in cash? They leave my flatscreen television? I don't get it. This is no meth or drug head doing this! Someone is looking for something but what? I quietly asked Twig if there was anything that he neglected to tell me as the warrant seemed to have slipped his mind. "Are you in any type of trouble that I am not aware of? Drugs? Anything involving the government?" Twig told me no and I believed him.

"Who and why is this happening and what is he looking for?" I took the money roll out of the purse and left it behind before I angrily went upstairs and knocked at this old man's door and was let inside.


"Someone has keys to my apartment and I want the door locks changed. Someone has been in my apartment while I was gone!" I said this adamantly while attempting not to inflame him. I showed them my purse and how it had been destroyed. Neither of them inquired about my doors being unlocked instead they both just giggled. They were quite strange!

"Oh Ghost Whisper that's just dryness that did this to your purse. There is no need for the locks to be changed."

I sat there staring at them in shock from their weird giggling and I was thinking about what he was blaming my ripped up purse on and I was completely confused. I felt as if I was in the 'Twilight zone" as I sat there listening to this. I had been living in Las Vegas for almost four years. The desert dry air did not do this to my brand new purse! Dryness ripped out the liner and tucked it down inside the purse wrong way also? They were still giggling and I was getting really confused. He began to talk again and I heard someone say these words as if the voice was right in my ear.

"He is lying! He is lying!"

I was startled by this voice as well as the words that I heard of him being a liar. I pretended as if I was just a silly girl and I apologized for bothering them. I left quickly, pulling their door shut and heading back to my apartment. I was so frightened by this entire episode with them. They were very creepy and what had just transpired was baffling and upsetting to me.


"Bullshit Twig!This is bullshit!" I am telling you something. I heard it with my own ears and it was not my imagination!" After spending all of these months with me and the demonic experiences from Las Vegas to Billings, Twig knew that I was telling the truth.

"No way did dryness do that to your freaking purse anyways. They are lying about that!" Twig shook his head in disbelief.

Yes my friends be warned! Billings, Montana weather will rip apart your belongings and even leave your doors unlocked! The weather is so bad that it will even unlock your doors too many times to count! Absolutely ridiculous! These two were downright creepy.

What was he looking for?

My pillows were slit on the ends!

That evening when I went to my bed to get my pillows and bring them out to the couch I was shocked and frightened. These were brand new pillows that I had bought in Las Vegas. They were not brand new any longer. Both pillows were slit from the end seam and it looked as if someone had ran there hand and arm deep inside the stuffing from the way it was bunched up inside. I took them and showed them to Twig and I was very, very concerned.

"Why does he keep coming into my apartment and what is he looking for?" I asked myself this question over and over throughout our stay. It never ended. "I am the only one with the keys" he had stated confidently and he had no whim in changing my locks. "What is he looking for?"

I never said another word to him about it but from that day forward I began to watch him in a different light. He apparently was not the "sweet old man" that I had originally thought him to be.

"I don't understand this Twig? What is he looking for? I am sick of our home being violated and I am nothing but a darn waitress and bartender. What the heck is this man looking for?



Shortly after moving into our apartment Twig was accepted into the "Blind Rehabilitation Program." He was excited to have been accepted into this Government program which meant that he would not only receive free eye surgery to regain his sight but help in finding a job afterwards. His worker was a very caring man who knew the ins and outs of his job and he was very kind to Twig. The phone rang one day and it was his Social worker Dan from the Blind Rehabilitation Office.

"Twig! I have been trying to get ahold of you. I have tried every line in this government office and I can not get a call through to your home. I keep getting a message every time I try and it says that there is some type of Government BLOCK on your buildings phone lines. The tape keep saying that no calls are allowed into your building. I had to use my personal cell phone just to call you. You got to fix this."

I was shocked when I heard this and I immediately thought of what this old man had said to me on the phone while I was still in Las Vegas. He mentioned that he did not want to talk on the phone about government things. I reminded Twig about this.

"Strange really," I said. I was wondering what type of work he used to do that the Government didn't trust him. He aways seemed to dodge my questions when I asked what his profession had been. "Why do you want to know?" he would say rudely. He never gave me his profession even after all of my inquiries. He did have a reply but only once. When he was asked a few questions he returned the question with a frightening answer.

"Too much knowledge can be dangerous to you."

When we mentioned the Government block that was placed upon our phone lines of the building to him, his response was one of fear. His response?

"Apparently they are still worried about me."

He mentioned that 'they' had killed his friend "Bud" and that he was the only surviving member of his "TEAM." Who is this man named Bud? Colby perhaps?

He eluded to working for and with CIA. Black-Ops on a 'ghost team.' He was a CIA Spook! Any further questions about his murdered friend or how he died was not answered that day nor his profession. He never mentioning who they were at this time but as time went on, he disclosed it to Twig. They who killed his 'team' were the United States Government. Interesting.

Twig had asked him a question one evening in the course of a conversation they were having together. "Why haven't they tried to kill you if you have all of this knowledge?" His reply was quite matter of fact and simple.

"What makes you think they haven't?"

I Smell Sulphur

Why was there a government block on the phone lines to the entire building not allowing government phone calls inside our house? Who is this man? What is the reason that the government does not want him talking to any government officials? They apparently don't trust him because blocks such as this are usually for "outgoing" calls and not "incoming calls.

"Why does the government not want him talking to anyone?" I asked Twig. "Who is this man and how did he get into the Bohemian Grove?"

No doubt that I was confused about this man who I liked so very much. I had great confusion on his odd responses, rude and odd behavior, constant vague remarks and worse? I felt more than a bit uncomfortable knowing that he must have had some very important knowledge and a very powerful job within the government due to this U.S. government block on our building phone lines not allowing calls into the building.

"This is just strange Twig," I shook my head back and forth that day. "I was thinking that he had demencia with all of these lies and crazy stories he'd been telling us this week but now? This government phone block being on the phone lines has changed the game. Now I am not sure." I sat at my desk completely baffled. What was I missing?

"Oh no Ghost Whisper he does not have dementia. He has told me things that I know are true. He doesn't have dementia. He knows things that only the higher ups would know." Twig defended him. "I like this old man. I think he is cool."

I smelled Sulphur that day but wasn't quite sure why.

You Can Fool All of the People Sometimes!

On a few occasions my bottom door handle was slowly turned in the middle of the night. The bottom door handle. The one I was told not to lock. I slowly stared over at the door one evening, the lights were on dim and the television was off. I had heard a noise in the hallway which had alerted me. I watched the door knob turn back and forth three times before I heard light footsteps.

I never heard the back outside door shut and it was noticably loud when someone left. I knew who had turned that handle that night just as I knew who turned it the night that Twig heard it.

We were both there inside that evening at 3:30 am. Twig in his bedroom sleeping already and I was on the couch awake. I had never once slept in my bedroom, always on the couch. I was uncomfortable about the place from the very beginning and once I saw that old Nazi picture there was no way I was sleeping in there. I always made sure that I was outside in the living room with both doors in my view. Sounds paranoid? Not really.


After I began researching and reading about this particular war criminal and what ghastly things he did to torture and kill so many people, I preferred to sleep on the couch. I had a strong feeling that he was aware that I knew who he was. This doesn't make for a happy Nazi who has been trying to elude the law for quite so many years. He clearly wasn't happy about having some girl show up at his doorstep and learn his secret. He knew I slept on the couch and it became an issue to both him and his wife of why I sleep on the couch and not in my bedroom. Over and over they continually kept asking and telling me that I needed to sleep in my bed. What?

They did not like that I slept on the couch. What is it of their business of where I sleep in the apartment that I am renting? It made me nervous that they constantly brought it up. Just for that reason I slept on the couch just to be safe.

Throughout the entire stay at this home I bought and returned door locks over and over and over. No door lock that I ever bought would fit inside these doors. I was so aggravated over this. I knew it was him coming inside our home and I thought that he would get the idea when he tried his key and he could not get inside any longer.

This never happened. Walmart must have cursed me due to the many times that I bought locks and returned them. Home Depot on King Avenue probably wondered why I looked like I was going to cry about not finding a lock.


This happened quite by accident. Twig and I were conversing about dating and marriage when he said that the landlord and his wife were celebrating their 50th anniversary soon. I had corrected him as I am known to do time to time (chuckle) and I replied back that he was mistaken of the years of marriage. I had just spoke with him outside and he clearly had said 41 years. Twig and I argued back and forth as if we were the married couple and then I realized that something was not quite right.

"How do they not know how long they have been married? How weird is that? That is a big jump between 41 and 50 years. He mentioned that he got married to his wife in 1964. He apparently can't keep his stories straight and neither can she."

I purposely sat with them together later that day and I boldly asked them together, "How many years did you celebrate for your anniversary?" They both answered 45 years. Well apparently they can agree on something while they are together right? It was not a 50th nor was it a 41 year was now a 45 year anniversary. Interesting.

These two people seemed quite confused on how long they have lived in Montana and they were both completely confused of their birthplaces as well as their anniversary. After all of these contradictions, I did a data base check that evening and strangely neither were correct. Ironically while investigating this strange man, I found almost 20 alias's used for him and all of them were variations of his name or should I say 'alias.' Each one of these various names all went straight to his apartment. Interesting.

Aribert Heim & Aribert Heimkamp

Within one of those names he used there was the very same Nazi's name hidden inside. ARIBERT HEIMkamp--Coincidence? NOPE! I gasped and showed it to Twig and we both witnessed it. Later, when I returned back to retrieve it for documentation purposes, it had completely disappeared from the data base. This was thee Houdini-Santa Claus-Charles Manson scary fairy dust at work again.

They kept his name very similar. Instead of him using his real name 'Aribert, someone had given him the name Bert instead. That way he can at least remember his own name because Jesus knows that he can't stay consistent on anything else about his personal life that they have written for him.

Ironically she uses two middle initials and he uses five middle initials that I have seen. How often do you change your middle initial? I have never changed mine. Why would you change it? Why would you change your middle initial five different times?


During my research I was hit with this very strong question. How can these two people of such old age have no history, especially online?" It just seemed unfeasible to me. By eighty or ninety years old there has to be some type of records, especially on the internet of archives. There was no such existence of his military name anywhere. Nothing! It was as if they dropped off the earth and they did not really exist on paper. Why? What did these people have for documents through all of the data searches on them? They had a few phone numbers and that was it!

These phone numbers were of places that they had not said they lived? "Strange, " I thought as I continued my research. Only recently after sending out that tip on this Nazi did a few things show up on line magically and on the front page of Google at that. I was not surprised because the "Houdini-Santa Claus-Charles Manson Boy's club were sprinkling their scary fairy dust and placing their ducks in a row. Ducks in a row.

I was determined to get his correct alias name. I purposely showed up unexpectedly at their door and sat down at their table a few days later. As I nonchalantly pulled my glasses down from the top of my head and put them, I read the label on his medicine bottle on the table. "What name is he using now?" Okey dokey...I got it.

Marilyn Monroe & Poison

Marilyn Monroe & Poisons

This photograph of Marilyn Monroe was hanging on my wall inside the apartment. As soon as you would open the door and walk inside, this huge display was the first photograph you would see. If I could describe to you the face that my landlord had the first time he walked in and saw this photograph. It was priceless. When I saw his face I inquired if he had ever met her. He said yes. I always loved Marilyn so I inquired of where he met her. He did not answer. Silence. I stared at him wondering why he would not answer and this time asked him another question.

"What did you think of her when you met her? His reply was a reply that no other man would reply about gorgeous Marilyn Monroe and it left me bewildered until I saw that Nazi photograph and realized who he 'really' was. His only reply was that "She had big pores."

How close would you have to be to someone to see that they had big pores. Strange comment and even more stranger is the fact that every person that he has spoken about having contact with ends up dead by poisons and suspicious deaths.

Gianni Russo says Marilyn Monroe’s death was orchestrated by Robert Kennedy to hide her involvement with John F. Kennedy.

The Assassin Known as "The Doctor" who was an Actual Doctor Was SS Nazi Dr. Death!

In a new book, Gianni Russo says Marilyn Monroe’s death was orchestrated by Robert Kennedy to hide her involvement with John F. Kennedy. I can entertain this happening, and believe it to be the truth, because I know WHO the Doctor Hit-man is. He is a real life doctor and he was not part of the mob, only hired by the mob due to his experimental skills of killing by injections.

The reader will know him by his SS Nazi title of Dr. Death. Dr. Aribert Ferdinand Heim.He was a hidden Nazi Doctor of Hitlers and he loved to inject people with all sorts of things into their bodies. He took notes as he watched them die. Sometimes he would even inject petrol, oil and water into the hearts of his victims...making notes as they died.

Out of his own mouth, he worked as a spook, not only for the U.S government dirty CIA, but for other countries. He was part of the assassination of the President of Chile, Salvador Allende, and the coup that took down the government of Chile. For his "Dirty deeds" he was given immunity in the United States and given a new alias--He no longer goes by Aribert but "Bert" instead. He did meet Marilyn "but only once." A deadly injection by "The Doctor" is no lie. He in fact did the deadly deed upon Marilyn Monroe that took her life. The Nazi doctor strikes again!

More Poison

Poison poured around my windows and the landing I sat on.

Twig and I came home one day to see that something had been poured on the healthy grass and it had immediately killed it. We were shocked by this. Why would he do this to his plush healthy grass? Even more strange? This substance was only placed around my basement apartment windows and near the landing I would sit on to have a cigarette. The rest of the apartment house was untouched. We were quite disturbed by this.

We kept our windows closed after this incident and we no longer sat on the landing. We had no idea what was placed there but whatever it was it had the power to destroy and kill the healthy grass in twenty-four hours. This guy was unbelievably creepy in the things he did, especially to me.



The Ignition of a Flame

Nazi's Hidden Among Us

Many of you who are reading this may be quite confused by this story. I had written this on the instructions of God for His own perfect will and His own perfect appointed time. It has been seven years that I have been waiting for God to fulfill what He told me that He would fulfill. God does not lie and He always is faithful. Seven years of a walk in this fire with only God to protect me and guide me.

I have numbered the stories by chapters. Start from the beginning and read chapter to chapter and do not skip around or you will miss what God is showing you. It will allow you an understanding, a basic foundation of me, my life, my spiritual experiences with God, the demons and the devil. I pray that God allows you to grasp the full profound spiritual meaning of my story and how this all happened and where it started! This is the first part of my testimony of the Living God, Jesus Christ. It started with a prayer to God and it was activated in the spiritual and manifested in the physical.

Due to many, many things involved in this story, Politics-corruption-Nazi's and of course ...good versus will see my series in many categories. I am not quite sure where to put them due to so many variants. I will scatter them as if they are leaves on a windy day-hoping that the very lucky will get a chance to view "History in the making" and above witness God's justice...prophetic and a warning to all who have not called upon Jesus as Messiah.

May God bless you!

© 2009 JG the IGNITER


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