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Updated on August 30, 2010


Washington DC saw the two faces of America last Saturday, August 28th, 2010, when two separate and distinct marches took place in the capital. It was Glenn Beck's "Restore America" one, and the other, Rev. Al Sharpton's, celebrating the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech, almost 48 years ago.

Although, Beck was claiming that his motive was not one to inject racism into the occasion; and also that there was nothing to indicate that his gathering had any political fervor to it. There were no signs or placards for or against any one person or group. Yet, the insinuation to get Americans to realize that the country was going the wrong way was there.

He did not gather all those people there, just to say that they should turn to God; and to the traditional virtues and values upon which the country was founded. He knew perfectly well that his rally would be 99% in favor of his rantings on his 5 o'clock weekdays FOX NEWS program. That the Obama administration has socialist tendencies, and if it (administration) was allowed to continue, it would ruin the nation. Therefore, it must be confronted in the coming November 2010 elections, culminating in the defeat of Democrats running for re-election. That would predictably be leading to the ultimate ouster of Obama himself as President of the United States in 2012.

Perhaps, he was not aware of the hidden emotions of the crowd, but people were angry and frustrated; and that all the modalities for them to effect future political change were present.

About the same time, Rev. Al Sharpton was holding a rally and a march that illustrated a completely turn around, with almost all the people there being followers of Dr. King or shared his dream. His mantra was that the dream must be sustained until its "arrival" was accomplished. Racism was still pervasive in society, demonstrating the two faces of America, politically, of course.

Everything there in Washington was about race; and not even Mr. Beck or Rev. Al Sharpton could deny that fact; yet the real good thing about both rallies was that they were practically peaceful; and no bad report of any kind was issued by the Washington Metropolitan Police about ANY of them.


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