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Updated on January 17, 2012

Is it a gap to slip through?

Many Americans are liable to think that Iran is having plans to indirectly infiltrate the 2012 general elections in the United States.

Its recent behavior to provoke President Barack Obama to act, in terms of engaging Iran in an arms conflict, cannot be denied, as it (Iran) is attempting to attack U.S. war ships in the Arabian Gulf, and threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz. Those incidents are all acts of war, on the part of Iran.

There is a chain reaction to all that, as crude oil price will skyrocket around the world, and that will inevitably be felt in America, which is presently going through difficult economic times; and as gasoline prices go up, businesses will be affected, and that will exacerbate the situation the country is in.

It is an election year, and the idea that people will be facing many problems, such as unemployment and high cost of living, they will be forced to vote against whoever the leader is, and in this case, Obama, who is seeking a reelection for a second term.

There is the possibility that one of the candidates in the Republican Party's race for nomination will have the opportunity to win the 2012 election, and he will be asked to form a government.

That will be when all the commotion will begin, as the new president will need time to choose a cabinet and surround himself with capable men and women as his staff. A new U.S. Congress will also be forming, in preparation to advance the policies of the new government.

America will not have ample time to concentrate on what will be going on outside the country, as its full attention will be needed at home.

It is a well known theory that Iran is in the process of acquiring a nuclear bomb, and it is the chance that it (Iran) will be looking for, for America to be, however temporarily, out of the picture, to enable it to continue its uranium enrichment program toward that end. A slip through the gap, so to speak.

By the time the "honeymoon" period for the new U.S. government be over, Iran will be a nuclear power; and its leaders can go on and do any number of crazy things too numerous to mention; all because it (U.S) is not having its eyes on the ball during that period, also know as the "100 days" of the new administration. It, U.S., is more preoccupied with its internal affairs.

No one is saying that a change of government is good or bad; but it can also be a risk that is being foist on the nation, to go in a direction that will only spell disaster; as by bringing in a new government, it will be starting everything anew, without the slightest experience.

For whoever that new president will be, he will have a formidable task ahead of him, as he cannot be a magician and be able to conjure up new policies that will, for example, rejuvenate the country's economy overnight.

With Iran's involvement, directly or indirectly, in U.S. politics, people must be made aware of the consequences. It, Iran, has no good intentions for the U.S.; and more so, its leaders are bent on destroying anything that they hate.

There is no denying that they hate the U.S.; and as the U.S. looks for a change of government over in that country, so do they; but only that, in their view, the change must be in America.


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