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Updated on October 16, 2012

They should also be remembered on this day.

Politicians and the media attempting to set apart the Benghazi attack and the demonstrations that followed the video on YouTube about the desecration of Mohammad happened to be pitiful, if not stupid; because the two incidents were done by Muslims almost simultaneously.

The idea that one should be separate from the other was more political than realistic, though they were happening in two different places, the video could have been an added incentive for the perpetrators of the assault on the Benghazi mission.

In other words, the dastardly attack on the Benghazi outpost and those taking part in the demonstration in Cairo, Egypt, had the same backdrop, and though, there was no visible connection between the planning of the two incidents, they supplemented each other.

Their coordination came in by the news reports of the two incidents going on almost at the same time, and even those officials in the U.S. State Department watching them in "real time" or in the intelligence community could not pin-point what the actual reason was in any separate fashion. They were observing those activities as being performed by the same kind of people.

It was later on that the nature of the attack and the demonstration, with those demonstrators scaling the Embassy walls in Cairo and burning the American flag, were different; and to decipher one type of violence from another type was impossible, especially when both of them were taking place at the same time.

The question would be pivotal in tonight's debate between President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney, the Republican Party candidate; and those who would side with the president would come away with the notion that an occurrence that took the lives of four American diplomats, with the Ambassador, Chris Stevens, included, was being made into a political football by Romney and the Republicans.

Emotionally, it (Benghazi occurrence) deserved more reverence than people trying to extract political points from it; and it would be right for many Americans to believe what the White House was saying, that the "spontaneous" act of violence in Cairo might have confused the evaluation of the other type of violence, which was being done by terrorists in Benghazi.

In fact, due to the assault weapons that were used in Benghazi, there was no way for anyone to say that the attack was not planned, either by al Qaeda or a splinter terror group; however, it would be absurd to also think that the Mohammad video, which has been seen worldwide, would not have been part of anything going on that night.

The coincidence of those acts and the anniversary of 9/11 was mindbogglingly; but that should also put the U.S. on a constant alert that the terrorists would not give up their aim to destroy American values; and that they would follow up on the least chance they got, like attacking an outpost in Benghazi, Libya, or burning down a school in Tunisia.

The leadership of al Qaeda has been decimated by the U.S. Navy Seals getting rid of Osama bin Laden; but all Americans should bear in mind that they were targets for the terrorists as well, because of the many freedoms they enjoyed.

Therefore, they must not dwell too much on the heinous attack on the Benghazi consulate, and made it into a blaming game for political advantage; but to honor those four extraordinary Americans, who were serving their country in that part of the world, for their bravery and dedication. They would not have died in vain.

The four should also be remembered on this day, while their fate was being discussed at the debate, for they were true Americans.


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