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The U.S.A. and Our Wall of Protection

Updated on December 31, 2016
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The authors life involved ministry and living southwest and interior Alaska. Writing allowed spiritual, poetic and political expression:

Keeping America Strong!

AMERICA! Though threats and troubles press against us, WE STAND!

In the God of our fathers, our faith will hold us ever on!

Faith of the founders of country and land, and of our hearts!

We are Christians and believers in the true Word of God!

A defense from enemies against our shores, is the Almighty!

Terror of those who hate the truth and despise freedom,

Shall not stop us, shall not destroy us, for HE reigns!

His favor be shown as we depend on HIS POWER!

Walls shall be lifted against those who show us hate,

Our prayers guiding our leaders, and those who we vote for;

And invisible protection, that none can ever cross.

Unless it allows when Him we ignore:

Lets rise up strong in victory and battle,

With truth and valor and loyalty to our invisible King;

Lets fight our enemies the best way we can fight,

Trusting in God and in loves strong valor!

Darkness of evil can never stand when we believe,

Believe on him who made our country strong;

Give Him honor and bow before Him, sing unto Him,

For he will save us against our inevitable foes!

Who are we does the enemy ask? Who are we?

Americans of FAITH! People of the U.S.A.

Yes, we believe God! We stand ever strong!

We have a Wall of Power! WHEN WE PRAY!

M. O. Jones

North Pole, Alaska

Feb 12, 2003


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