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Updated on September 3, 2010

A bleak future.

The last time I addressed Congressman Charles Rangel, I used the salutation "Sir Dearest" ; and I meant that, until he insisted on backing the forlorn idea of building a mosque near Ground Zero.

Most of his constituents have been asking him to reconsider; and Adam Clayton Powell IV would challenge him for his Harlem seat, citing that as one of the reasons that should compel Rangel to go.

He , Rangel, happened to have insurmountable problems, some of which were, "Rangel, D-N.Y., has been under a lengthy probe by the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct for a series of ethics allegations that includes failing to report hundred of thousands of dollars in income and assets; improper use of several rent-controlled apartments in his Harlem district, fundraising efforts for a college center that bears his name, and failing to pay taxes on property he owns in the Dominican Republic." (Posted by Lori Ziganto, Saturday, July 24th, 2010. REDSTATE, Web site:

Now, let us go back to see how he had a seat in Congress. He beat Adam Clayton Powell, who was facing similar charges, like failing to pay taxes, allegedly accepting money from a Bronx Strip Club, etc., being levelled against him by the same House Ethics Committee that was grilling Congressman Charles Rangel at the present moment.

It might have been that, at the time of Congressman Adam Clayton Powell's troubles, he Rangel used the accusations confronting Powell in his (Rangel's) political campaign to his advantage to topple him (Powell). Now, the tables have turned, and it was Adam Clayton Powell IV, the son of Powell, who would unseat him (Rangel). A bleak future was awaiting Rangel; every way one looked.

There is an African proverb: "The whip that is used to flog Baah, will be used to flog Takyi"

Takyi was a slave driver, and he had a whip to control his slaves. However, I new Colonial replacement Governor came on the scene and appointed his own slave drivers, thus pushing Takyi back into the slave population once again, and likewise finding himself at the end of his own whip, with which he used to victimize Baah, who's son happened to be one of the new appointees.

(I still think that he (Rangel) may have a chance to redeem himself to earn the "Sir Dearest" salutation again, between now and next November's election day; but I am doubtful of that).


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