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Updated on January 10, 2012

No enmity whatsoever.

Mr. Bill Daley's departure from the White House, as President Barack Obama's Chief-of-staff, should not be a surprise at all, as his tenure has been one full of controversy.

He has been recommended by former Chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel to be his successor at a time, when the new administration wanted to have good relations with the business community.

His appointment then was very appropriate, as he has been able to bring into law the NAFTA agreement, which passed through a Republican controlled Congress, when he was Commerce secretary in the Clinton administration.

He has played a vital role in the controversial debt ceiling and deficit reduction talks in recent months that have failed miserably, as his advice to the the president to strike a deal with Speaker John Boehner of the United States House of Representatives fell through.

That has angered many Democratic leaders; and there have been rifts after rifts after that.

"A top Democratic congressional aide told CNN that Daley's relations with Democratic legislators were strained. According to the aide, congressional Democrats believed Daley did a poor job of reaching out to legislators and listening to their ideas during contentious budget and debt ceiling negotiations last year" (CNN 01/11/12).

In an election year, the Obama's campaign could not afford to let that to go on unchecked; and moreover, they were capitalizing on the president's image, as championing the cause of the middle class and working people of America; a picture that has improved his political standing tremendously.

His approval rating was rising, because of that, and his campaign managers could not let that imagery slip through their fingers of what was gaining grounds for him against his Republican opponents.

Actually, they had nothing to offer, except "to get rid of Obama", a common chorus among all the prospective candidates running in the Republican Party's nomination race.

Not that Daley's departure has stemmed specifically from that scenario, but it was about time that the president had advice from other sources to boost a campaign in a pivotal election year.

His reelection was vital to the nation, as his foreign policy and home economics were beginning to take shape; and a new start was essential for all concerned. Furthermore, Mr. Daley himself has requested the president to free him for family reasons.

Therefore, his going should not be misconstrued as was asking, that "Does Daley departure mean trouble?" and a whole lot of people were saying, "No."

He has done a particular job for President Obama, and it was time for him to move on now than when his 2012 reelection campaign became really busy during the course of the year.

Surely, there have been differences of opinion, but no enmity between Mr. Daley and the White House.


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    • American View profile image

      American View 6 years ago from Plano, Texas

      Daly departure should suprise no one, I have said since his appointment he and Obama would not be on the same page. Oama had to do this in order to have unity during the election season