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Updated on June 7, 2012

He let everybody down.

If Tom Barrett's name appeared anywhere in the news media today, not many people saw it, due to his disgraceful performance on Tuesday, running against Gov. Scott Walker in the Wisconsin recall election and failing miserably.

Except for his speech that has every indication of a man with no real backbone to fully immerse himself in his own campaign and canvass his state union members to vote for him, he stood out as a sore thumb, when he urged the Wisconsin electorate to "move on".

He was ashamed of his own failure, after the many, noisy state house demonstrations by the unions, which availed to nothing short of a waste of time in a recall election that had no real substance.

The election has cost the taxpayer a whole lot of money that could be used elsewhere for a better purpose. He was lucky that the people were not holding him accountable now; but they would never forget him as a loser. Surely, they would pay him back by withholding their votes, when he showed up for any type of election, the next time around.

Beside of his forgetfulness that this was an election year, and therefore Democrats should do well in all aspects of political activity, the enthusiasm and/or the momentum that the Democratic Party needed on the campaign trail has been drained, not to zero though, but it has diminished considerably across the country.

People thought that he, Barrett, was going to do well, despite the polls showing the odds being in favor of Walker; not that they really wanted him (Walker) to lose his job, but that they were mainly interested in how strongly the state unions could defend themselves, with him championing their cause, from Conservative governors, who were out to take them down and minimize their power.

That was happening all over the place, but it was going to get worse, thanks to Barrett's mediocre performance in the recall election, for which a woman gave him a slap he genuinely deserved.

Also, many people thought that Wisconsin was a preamble of the 2012 presidential election, and so they were happy, when the saw former president Bill Clinton campaigning for Barrett, but he (Clinton) did nothing to spur the voters on.

The two on the stage together reminded the crowd of grumpy old men wanting to oust a young governor for no good reason. They were not going to be listened to, irrespective of the fact that one was a mayor and the other was a retired president, who liked to ramble on and on and throw "wrenches" in the political works.

If President Barack Obama has got any support in Wisconsin, it was not through Barrett. It has come about via his (Obama's) own efforts, and that was why the pollsters were putting him above by 7 percentage points over his opponent and the Republican Party's nominee, Mitt Romney, if the 2012 general election was brought into view.

Americans would want a person of deeds and not just of words and empty promises to lead the country into an uncertain future that lay ahead, both at home and abroad; as the issues of today were too complex to be handled amateurishly.

They would want someone with a strong determination to deal with world problems in pragmatic ways; like ending the war in Iraq and fighting one in Libya, without a single American casualty. They knew that a Wall Street tycoon would not suffice, for his experience was only in making profits in the private equity business.

As for Tom Barrett, his days were over to be considered as a meaningful political figure in Wisconsin, let alone in the country; but as one, who would start a battle and not be able to finish it in any satisfactory manner. His defeat was a slap in the face of the Democratic Party as a whole.


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    • Cassie Smith profile image

      Cassie Smith 5 years ago from U.S.

      In many ways Barrett and the union's members did themselves in. All those efforts to disrupt Walker from working made him a sympathetic figure while they came across as these loud idiots disrupting everyone's lives.