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Updated on August 11, 2011

Should Americans care?

The country is in political disarray, due to the 2012 presidential elections; as the Republican Party scrambles to find a candidate in a face off contest for the White House. The Democratic Party is propping up in readiness to resist any attempt of the opposition to topple it from power; and there is no denying about that.

President Barack Obama has to dig in his heels to prevent his goals of bringing America's economy out of the pits, and be able to cut back on the salient problem of unemployment, to be shelved.

He knows that if the Middle class will flourish again, as in the 70s, 80s and 90s (Those were the days, my friend), then poverty must be stopped from spreading, and work must be available to anyone who is employable.

All racial ethnicities must have their share of the economic pie to feel satisfied that their people have become accustomed to living just as well as the others. Their demographics must be equal to that of those who are making progress socially and financially.

Yet, there is an enormous deficit that has to be dealt with, to remove the ominous cloud of uncertainty for investment capital to flow back into a sluggish economy and revive it.

Wall Street has become anemic, and stocks are just floating around with nobody to purchase them. The days of paper tickers are gone, or else there will be no more room on the trading floor for them, and a parade will be needed to throw them out of the window to get rid of them.

Business is bad for the financial markets both at home and abroad, as currencies are being shipped in loads across International borders. The Dollar, the Euro, the Yen; all are perplexed, and are undependable.

Good old gold is the most popular investment product, and its price is soaring through the roof; but its effects are at the same time draining the pools of money that can go into ordinary investments, like manufacturing, research and education, for the government and industries to battle the high unemployment levels. So, it (gold) is not beneficial as far as the average person is concerned.

The Congress of The United States must prepare plans that will slash the debt that is being carried by the nation in half, in a short period of time. It is not just the president, who must do his part to calm the adverse financial scenes. It (Congress) has a vital role too in that respect, to invite investor confidence back into the economy for it to get the bounce it requires . Its other responsibility is to see that the debt crisis is not carried forward for posterity to shoulder.

However, all that is on the home front. The other front or the reverse of what is been seen on the outside of the American economy is also crucial to the well being of all of us.

The whole world too is in serious trouble, with the finances of many major countries in tatters. Countries like Italy, Spain and Ireland are reduced to cup-in-hand entities in economic terms. Who will have thought of the reality of that happening to them only a few years ago?

Wars, famine and pestilence are manifesting themselves in Africa, with literally millions of people on the verge of dying from hunger and thirst. The British Isles, of all places, have riots in almost every major city. Asia is restless with the recruit of suicide bombers streaming from among even young women, children and the old; and the horrible death of many innocent people is a daily occurrence.

Islamic fundamentalists want Sharia Law to be accepted in all nations; however, some see it as a strange religious intrusion; an infiltration that must not be allowed anywhere. There will be too much confusion in many areas of the world, and the travesty of justice will be common almost everywhere, as legal experts will be tripping over each other, trying to interpret unfamiliar rules and regulations. Therefore, every nation must have its own laws

Those are just some of the problems that are affecting every single person living on Planet Earth today, as the world has revolutionized to be a "global village" twice over. What happens in China has an effect on what takes place in Portugal.

Communications technologies have made it easy to relay important as well as trivial messages in nano-seconds across from one end of the earth to the other. News of events and all types of information are disseminated around the globe within minutes of their happening, instead of several hours or days as before. Calamitous situations are all around us, and they are overwhelming.

The only super-power in the world now is the United States, and therefore it cannot sit back, look and listen. Most people are saying that it must solicit the support of the United Nations to find solutions that will usher peace, in all its aspects, into the world for the sake of all mankind.

In order for America to impose upon itself such an awesome task, it must be at peace within itself. That is what Americans must be striving for at this present moment, rather than be selfish and start bickering among themselves along party lines.

All parties must come together to resolve world problems, and the ones at home will also be resolved. Or the world will still remain a troubled place.


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