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Updated on April 18, 2012

Isn't that an impossibility?

Many were shell-shocked this morning reading a sub headline on CNN front page, "Christ missing from new Bible", until they saw the explanation by the author or the person representing the organization that wrote the Bible in a video explaining the situation.

He was perfectly right. Jesus had, (and to many, has) one single name. However, a lot of people thought that he had a last name as "Christ", and so, they always assumed that Jesus Christ was his full name, when in fact the word Christ was his title as "the Messiah", the translation by many Bible scholars meant "The anointed one of God".

Well, in the present turbulent world, if Christ is missing, then where will a whole lot of people go for peace and comfort? He lives in their hearts and he is their hope of a better world.

This blog is not preaching, but just take a good look around the world, with turmoils and upheavals of all kinds, political, financial and social. It is hard for anyone to have the slightest peace of mind, unless one is a recluse living in the outbacks of many places.

There is no need to mention any specific geographical spot; but there is nowhere to hide, for example, from the carnage in Syria, the Iranian nuclear program, North Korea flexing its military muscle by launching a rocket to nowhere, etc., etc.

Only the United States and its allies are maintaining some semblance of peace in Afghanistan; and religious conflicts in Nigeria and other such places are quite disturbing. There are rumors of civil wars and civil disobedience all over the world; and no one can sleep soundly these days, no matter who one is.

Yet, perfect peace is what all the world wants; hence the formation of the United Nations Organization. There are other world organizations and groups that are working strenuously to find solutions to many problems facing many countries, with very little or no success.

Earthquakes and Tsunamis are threatening numerous places on earth. Nuclear plants are not all that secure, and millions of people are still living in fear for their lives, because of any kind of malfunction coming from these plants at night or even in broad daylight.

In fact, the world is in dire straits, when it comes to achieving peace; and for it to cast Christ out will invite more catastrophic results to the efforts of all nations seeking to have peace for themselves, for their neighbors, and for the world.

The reason being that there is only one "Prince of Peace", and that is Jesus, the Christ.

There is nothing religious about this blog post. It is the true fact about the disastrous condition the world is presently in.


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